The Best Ecommerce Platforms: Statistics You Need To Know 

Ecommerce has taken the world by storm. Everyone wants a convenient shopping experience, and there is nothing more convenient than shopping from the comfort of your own home. Ecommerce businesses and online stores have become the new normal.

Ever since the pandemic hit, people were forced to shop online due to the restrictions and lockdowns, which is when everyone realized that online shopping is perhaps the better option. Many businesses decided to close down their brick-and-mortar stores to set up their ecommerce websites and haven’t looked back since. 

However, to set up an online store, you need to have a solid understanding of all the different ecommerce platforms and discover which one will suit your needs the best. Knowing the latest trends and statistics regarding ecommerce and ecommerce platforms can help you choose the perfect ecommerce platform for your business needs and prepare you to enter this competitive, ever-evolving market. 

Whether you are looking to choose the ecommerce platform for your business, or you are just looking for some insights into the industry, these statistics will give you a better understanding of the latest trends and how ecommerce platforms have evolved over the years. 

General Ecommerce Statistics

  • 2.14 Billion people across the globe shop online (Statista, 2021) 

Ecommerce was a market that was growing even before the pandemic hit. In 2016, 1.66 billion people were already shopping online. However, there is no denying that the pandemic and lockdowns led to everyone completely shifting to online retail. Once everyone saw how convenient online shopping was, there was no going back. People are more keen on making purchases online, which is why billions of people now shop online. The ecommerce industry has seen a massive shift over the past years and as customer demand increases, more and more ecommerce businesses keep popping up with each passing day.

  • Over 20% of all retail sales are through ecommerce (Statista, 2021)

With each passing year, ecommerce has a larger percentage in all retail sales. During the pandemic and lockdowns, the brick-and-mortar stores were forced to shut down, giving an even bigger boost to ecommerce retail. However, even after the lockdowns are lifted, most people still prefer making purchases through ecommerce stores rather than going to the brick-and-mortar stores. Still, it is important to note that there is still a large majority of people who shop at brick-and-mortar stores, and the rise of ecommerce retail does not mean all brick-and-mortar stores will be shut down. 

  • By the end of 2022, ecommerce retail sales are projected to amount to 5.4 trillion USD (Statista, 2021)

As the number of ecommerce stores and percentage of ecommerce retail grows, the revenue for ecommerce businesses is also bound to grow. In 2017, 4.28 trillion USD was generated by online businesses, which has now increased to 5.4 trillion, proving that ecommerce is an exceptionally successful industry. Online businesses that create an excellent shopping experience for their customers, use the right marketing tactics, and provide top-quality products can benefit immensely and generate high revenues for their ecommerce businesses. 

  • 61% of ecommerce retail traffic comes from mobile devices (Statistia, 2022)

In today’s day and age, people want to access your ecommerce store through different devices. It is crucial that the ecommerce platform businesses use for their online store is mobile-friendly, because most people are likely to make a purchase from their mobile phones. These days, people are always scrolling through various apps and if a product catches their eye, they might buy it on the spot. This is why you need to set up multiple sales channels, including social media platforms, and use ecommerce platforms that allow your customers to make a purchase from their mobile devices without any hassle. 

  • There are 12 million – 24 million ecommerce websites in the world currently (WP Forms, 2022)

Ecommerce has grown immensely and is showing no signs of slowing down any time soon. Millions of online businesses are started each year using the leading ecommerce platforms. Online shopping is convenient for people and they are willing to spend money on these businesses, which is why there are millionss of ecommerce websites and shops on the internet. 

  • Less than 1 million of the ecommerce websites manage to sell more than USD 1000 per year (WP Forms, 2022)

Setting up an online store using an ecommerce platform is not enough to run a successful business. There are millions of ecommerce websites that fail to make any revenue. This shows how competitive the industry can get, and how much you need to invest in the right tools and strategies to make sure your ecommerce business is successful. 

Current Ecommerce Platform Statistics: Who Is Leading The Market?

  • WooCommerce Checkout’s market share for the top 1 million websites globally has increased from 21% in 2018 to 28% in 2022 (Cloudways, 2022) 

A large majority of the top 1 million websites around the world choose WooCommerce as their preferred ecommerce platform. WooCommerce is an open-sourced platform that easily integrates with your store, giving you all the tools you need to grow. The ecommerce platform makes it easy for businesses to manage all operations and sales channels, making it the top choice for the leading websites. 

  • Magento has fallen down from having 13% market share in the top 1 million websites in the ecommerce market in 2018 to having only 8% share currently (Cloudways, 2022) 

Magento used to be a giant when it came to the top 1 million ecommerce websites in the world. However, over the recent years it has taken a hit and the market share has gone down quite a lot. Businesses and websites have found alternatives that are more user-friendly and easier to set up, which is why Magento has been replaced by other ecommerce platforms. 

  • Shopify is second most-used ecommerce platform with a market share of 20% in the top 1 million websites in the world (Cloudways, 2022)

Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platforms in the world. It is used by 20% of the top 1 million websites around the world because it is easy to set up a Shopify store. Shopify is a platform that provides users with all the tools they need to set up an online store. It is easy to use and anyone without knowledge of coding can easily set up their Shopify store. It offers various features, making it one of the most trusted ecommerce platforms for the top websites. 

  • WooCommerce is the leading market shareholder outside the top 1 million websites globally as well, with 23% share in the global market (Cloudways, 2022) 

WooCommerce has gained significant popularity over recent years and has come out as one of the giants of the ecommerce platforms market. Businesses all over the world find WooCommerce reliable and user-friendly, making it the most used ecommerce platform in the world currently. WooCommerce holds the most market share globally, even outside of the top 1 million ecommerce websites. All businesses, whether big or small, are trusting WooCommerce with their ecommerce integration needs. 

  • Shopify is the second biggest shareholder worldwide outside the top 1 million websites with a global market share of 11% (Cloudways, 2022) 

Once again, even outside of the top 1 million websites in the world, Shopify has solidified its place as one of the leading ecommerce platforms. It is an ecommerce platforms which lets businesses set up their ecommerce website without any hassle, which is why businesses of all sizes prefer using Shopify. It is a platform that has remained stable in the global market, and has always had a massive amount of users over the years. 

  • WooCommerce is the most used open-sourced ecommerce platform with 3,427,679 online stores using it (Built With, 2022) 

WooCommerce is an open-sourced ecommerce platform, which means anyone can access the source code and modify it and make changes according to their online store needs. Out of all the open-sourced ecommerce platforms, WooCommerce has cemented its place at the global market leader. People find WooCommerce easy to modify and tailor to their business needs, which is why more and more businesses gravitate towards WooCommerce as their choice of ecommerce platform each year. 

Comparing The Top Ecommerce Platforms


  • More than 5.6 million online stores use Shopify (DemandSage, 2022) 

Shopify is one of the leading ecommerce platforms used by online stores. You can use it to set up your ecommerce store without any hassle, making it one of the top choices all across the world.

  • In 2021, Shopify generated 79.5 billion USD in order value (Demand Sage, 2022) 

The ecommerce that stores that use Shopify are generally successful. These online stores can set up easy-to-use webstores using Shopify, which helps them bring in more customers and get a high volume of orders. 

  • Shopify sellers are projected to have over 500 million buyers by the end of 2022 (Demand Sage, 2022) 

There are numerous sellers on the internet using Shopify to sell their products and run their ecommerce business. Shopify also provides the sellers adequate tools to increase their reach, which is why the number of buyers for Shopify sellers in incredibly high. 

  • 70% of domains under Shopify are in the U.S. (Demand Sage, 2022) 

Ecommerce businesses based in the U.S. are more inclined towards Shopify. This ecommerce platform is easy to set up and navigate, which is why most U.S. based businesses use Shopify to set up their online store. The ecommerce market in the U.S. is also huge, which is why the number of Shopify stores created is higher. 

  • 2,539,230 online stores in the U.S. are using Shopify (Demand Sage, 2022) 

It is evident that most businesses based in the U.S. are using Shopify for their ecommerce store. It is an ecommerce platform that has gradually gained a huge following and is one of the most trusted ecommerce platforms, especially for stores in the U.S. 


  • More than 5 million online stores are using the WooCommerce plugin (Keith, 2022)

WooCommerce has established its place as an industry leader when it comes to ecommerce platforms in the market. Most online business trust WooCommerce with their store, and use the extensive range of features it has to offer to integrate their online business with WooCommerce.

  • The total market share of WooCommerce in 2020 was 26% (Keith, 2022) 

WooCommerce was already on the rise since 2020, with having 26% of the total market share in the world. Ecommerce businesses realized how easy and efficient the WooCommerce plugin made it for them to sell their products online and take their online store live. Ever since the ecommerce market was boosted due to the pandemic, online businesses started using the WooCommerce plugin for their online store. 

  • 29% of the top 1 million sites use WooCommerce (Keith, 2022) 

WooCommerce has the highest share in the market when it comes to the ecommerce platforms being used by the top 1 million websites in the world. It is an ecommerce platform that has maintained its place as the leader, with 29% of the top websites putting their faith in the services provided by WooCommerce. It is an open-sourced platform and businesses can tweak the source code to fit their own business needs, which is also one of the main reasons why it is used so widely across the globe. 

  • WooCommerce was installed by websites 310,026 times in the first week of January 2022 (Keith, 2022)

In just the first week of 2022, WooCommerce was installed by such a large amount of websites. There is no doubt that this number has only increased since then. As the ecommerce market continues to grow and people are setting up their ecommerce businesses, the number of WooCommerce installations and downloads are also increasing as it is the leading choice of ecommerce platforms for online businesses across the world. 


Magento is an ecommerce-only tool, unlike WordPress or Drupal. Although 0.7% might not seem like a lot at first glance, but when you realize that there are 1.5 billion active websites in the world currently, you can understand that Magento is being used by a significant amount of ecommerce businesses all across the globe. 

  • 12% of all ecommerce sites use Magento (Galov, 2022) 

Ecommerce is an ever-evolving and growing market. There are countless ecommerce websites all over the internet. Magento powers 12% of all the ecommerce websites on the internet, making it the third most-used ecommerce platform in the world currently. Businesses that use Magento have proven to be successful over the years and the vast variety of tools and features offered by Magento also helps an ecommerce business take off. 

  • Magento is being used by over 250,000 active websites (Galov, 2022)

There is no doubt that Magento is one of the most powerful ecommerce and CMS platforms available for businesses in today’s day and age. Online businesses rely on Magento with their store and know that they can use the tools provided to them for their advantage. Magento is one of the leading ecommerce platforms that can help you grow your online business, which is why it is trusted by more than a quarter of a million ecommerce merchants. 

  • 11% of all the websites using Magento are U.S. based (Galov, 2022) 

The data recorded shows that a significant majority of Magento comes from U.S. based businesses. These businesses can trust Magento with their needs and grow their ecommerce store using the tools provided to them. However, there are other regions and countries that also use Magento to set up their ecommerce stores. For example, Magento is used by many online businesses in India, Africa, Russia, South America, etc. It is also quite popular in western Europe, with many of the online retailers in Western Europe using Magento to set up their ecommerce business. 

  • Magento processes over 155 billion USD in transactions each year (Galov, 2022) 

Magento is one of the giants in the ecommerce platform market, and that is proved by the fact that across all ecommerce stores using Magento, transactions worth 155 billion USD are processed each year. These items sold are of varying value and from different industries, showing everyone that Magento is anything but a niche player in the ecommerce market. 


BigCommerce is one of the leading ecommerce platforms in the world and people find it easy to integrate their online stores with BigCommerce. Globally, there are many ecommerce businesses that trust their stores with BigCommerce, as it provides them with the ecommerce tools they require. 

  • The amount of BigCommerce stores increased by 14% in 2022 (StoreLeads, 2022)

More and more people all across the world are getting familiar with BigCommerce. The features and tools it has to offer to online businesses are extremely helpful, which is why the use of BigCommerce has seen such a significant growth in 2022. 

  • With 28.6%, Facebook is the most used social media by BigCommerce stores (StoreLeads, 2022) 

In today’s day and age, social media is one of the most important marketing and sales channels for any ecommerce businesses. Using social media for your online business has countless benefits, and ecommerce stores understand that. Ecommerce businesses using BigCommerce for their business mostly rely on Facebook as their choice of social media for their business. 

  • 15.7% of all BigCommerce stores are selling home and garden products (StoreLeads, 2022)

BigCommerce is an ecommerce platform used by various types of online businesses. However, the industry that uses BigCommerce the most for their online business is the Home and Garden products industry. A high percentage of BigCommerce stores are selling home and garden items on the internet. 

  • 63.4% of all BigCommerce stores are based in the U.S. (StoreLeads, 2022) 

The U.S. is one of the biggest ecommerce markets in the world. More and more online businesses are set up in the U.S. each day, which is why it is no surprise that the highest percentage of BigCommerce stores are based in the U.S.  

Wix Stores

  • There are 822,567 active websites using Wix Stores for their business currently (StoreLeads, 2022) 

Wix Stores is one of the biggest ecommerce platforms in the world and it has established its place as one of the market leaders over the years. Using Wix Stores for your ecommerce business is an easy choice because it provides you with the tools for fast and convenient set up. A significant amount of online businesses use Wix stores as their choice of ecommerce platform and use it to run their online business successfully. 

  • Wix stores increased 144% year-over-year in 2022 (StoreLeads, 2022)  

There is no doubt that Wix Stores is growing immensely with each passing year. It is an ecommerce platform that is loved by up-and-coming businesses as well as established ecommerce stores. Wix Stores is gaining popularity with each year, making it one of the leading ecommerce platforms all across the globe. 

  • 54% of Wix Stores websites use Instagram, making it the most-used social media platform for Wix Stores (StoreLeads, 2022) 

The importance of using social media with your ecommerce business cannot be ignored. Most ecommerce stores using Wix Stores also use social media platforms as one of their marketing and sales channels to increase their reach and get to their target audience more easily. Instagram is the social media platform of choice for most Wix Stores users, with more than half of the ecommerce businesses using Instagram with their Wix Store. 

  • The apparel industry uses Wix Stores the most, with 9.4% of all Wix Stores sites being used by apparel brands (StoreLeads, 2022) 

Wix Stores is used by various ecommerce industries and businesses. However, a large majority of Wix Stores are used for apparel stores, making it the top industry using Wix Stores as their choice of ecommerce platform for their online store and business. 

  • Wix Stores is used the most in the U.S., with 43.1% of all Wix Stores websites being U.S. based (StoreLeads, 2022) 

The U.S. ecommerce market is growing at a rapid pace, set to become one of the top ecommerce markets in the coming decade. Businesses in the U.S. are setting up their online stores using different ecommerce platforms, one of the platforms being Wix Stores. Which is why the highest percentage of all Wix Stores websites are based in the U.S.  


  • There are 917,911 websites using Ecwid that are currently live (Built With, 2022) 

There is no doubt that Ecwid made it easier for ecommerce stores to start using it with the wide variety of plug-ins provided by the platform. It has become one of the top ecommerce platforms due to how easy it is to set up and use. A huge amount of ecommerce stores choose Ecwid as their choice of ecommerce platform. 

  • 0.11% of the websites in the top 1 million in the world use Ecwid (Built With, 2022) 

Although it might not seem like a lot, 0.11% of the top 1 million websites in the world using Ecwid is a big deal. Over the years, Ecwid has grown in popularity and a significant amount of the leading websites in the world have started using it for their ecommerce needs. 

  • Ecwid is used mostly by ecommerce websites in the U.S., with 420,857 live websites (Built With, 2022)

Ecommerce websites in the U.S. are using Ecwid for their stores, making America the biggest consumer of Ecwid. Almost half of all Ecwid ecommerce stores are based in the U.S. 

  • The top industry using Ecwid for their website is the Medical industry, with 8,338 medical websites using Ecwid (Built With, 2022) 

Ecwid is used by various industries all across the globe. However, the medical industry is the top user of Ecwid, with 8,338 live medical websites choosing Ecwid as their preferred ecommerce platform.  

Starting Your Ecommerce business? 

If you are starting your ecommerce business and want to know which ecommerce platform would be the best choice for you, the statistics above might make your decision easier. Based on the industry you are catering to and your location, you can make the perfect choice and set up your ecommerce store. 

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