Antique and Fragile Items

Why Choose 2 Man Delivery and White Glove Service for Fragile Items?

In many cases, customers who purchase antique and fragile items often choose to pick up the products themselves instead of opting for a delivery service.

Often, this is done to reduce any damage during transportation. While this might seem convenient, it can cause many hassles you won’t find in 2 man delivery.

Here’s why self-pickup is not ideal for transporting antique and fragile items.

It Can Lead To Damages

Picking up antique furniture by yourself can be extremely dangerous and lead to potential injuries. Heavy items require you to properly distribute the weight between people to carry the item safely.

With this distribution, you can cause yourself and any others bodily harm and sustain injury. Additionally, you might damage the antique items, making them lose value. If fragile items are dropped, they will be damaged beyond repair.

Due to these reasons, it’s much safer to invest in furniture delivery and assembly services. Options such as 2 man delivery services offer expert handling of your products to keep yourself and your products safe.

It Takes Less Time

If you’re picking up and transporting antique goods, you’ll need to carve out some time to carry out this task. Busy people might have difficulty scheduling the right moment or delay delivering their items.

The best way to avoid this problem is through 2 man delivery services. Such couriers offer scheduled delivery so that you can tailor the shipment time of your furniture. With this service, you can remove the added stress of finding time to pick up your new goods.

It’s Easier to Assemble and Place

Transporting antique goods is one step of the hurdle; the other is setting it up. If you’re purchasing antique furniture in sets or multiple parts, you need proper services to help set it up.

2 man delivery services are comprised of trained professionals who can set up furniture quickly. This way, you can enjoy your goods as soon as you get them.

Delivery staff also assemble everything according to manufacturer’s guidelines, so you won’t have to worry about any faults.

High-value artwork also needs careful placement to ensure nothing of value gets ruined. With these reasons in mind, opting for a dedicated service will be much more beneficial than doing it yourself.

Shipping Fragile Items and Preventing Breakage For Businesses

If your business sells antique and fragile items, you can also benefit from a dedicated service that delivers carefully. Fragile items such as glassware, technology products, musical instruments and others are more likely to break during transit.

Traditional courier services often toss these items into vehicles without much care or mishandling them. While you may opt for shipping insurance, it doesn’t solve the problem of losing a valuable item.

Ecommerce businesses have a lot more to lose from broken goods. You will have to deal with increased customer inquiries and the cost of re-shipping. Plus, you will have to eat the cost of the unsellable item and potentially lose a customer.

The good news is you can find dedicated services such as 2 man delivery and white glove service to ensure your products arrive on time and in one piece. You can also get your items specially packaged or delivered in a specialised vehicle to avoid any damage during transportation.

Choose Meteor Space for Your Antique and Fragile Items

If you’re looking for excellent delivery, look no further than Meteor Space’s 2 man white glove delivery service.

Our efficient white glove and 2 man delivery systems can tackle any large item, such as home furniture, sports equipment, electronics, and other commodities that your company might offer. We also provide special care and handling for antique and fragile items to ensure the safety of these goods.

Meteor Space provides dependable service that always keeps customer satisfaction in mind. We also offer regular tracking updates to keep you informed about your products.

Our expert delivery staff will safely and efficiently handle any product anywhere in Northern Ireland and the Island of Ireland. With our 2 man white glove delivery service, you are guaranteed:

A Safe Delivery Experience

At Meteor Space, we prioritise safe handling of all your goods during our delivery service. We transport the items safely and deliver them with careful handling right where you want them placed.

No matter the distance, you can avail of our effortless white glove delivery in Northern Ireland and the Island of Ireland. Our staff carefully follows all safety guidelines to ensure a quality customer experience.

Risk-Assessed Delivery

Are you worried about your high-value items? With any large or bulky item, careful handling is necessary, and our team is trained to handle all items with the utmost care.

Our 2 man white glove delivery couriers conduct a risk assessment to ensure all your goods are handled safely and securely.

Before placing the item, our staff will check your room of choice to eliminate any possible issues with the placement process. Once this assessment is done, the staff will efficiently carry the item to your desired location.

Regular Updates and Communication

Slow delivery with poor communication can frustrate anyone. Meteor’s white glove 2 man delivery will regularly update you on your item’s whereabouts with our excellent tracking service.

Your tracking number will display accurate ETA information during the route, so you’re always in the loop.

You can also contact the delivery staff or our customer service to get more information on the package’s estimated arrival time. We are dedicated to providing a hassle-free service that keeps customer satisfaction in mind.