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When You Need Fast, Accurate Picking & Packing Our Pick and Pack Service is the Solution for you

Pick and pack services are a crucial step in the overall eCommerce order fulfilment process. Swift picking and packing services ensure speedy shipment and delivery to the customer, thus having a significant impact on the growth of your business. When you sign up for pick and pack services, here’s what you can expect.

Tailored Pick and Pack Services

We combine the latest in warehouse technology, automation, and highly skilled operatives to deliver accurate and efficient pick and pack fulfillment.

Take order accuracy to 99.65%

Human Error reduced by  99.85%

97.8% of orders dispatched on-time

Simple Platform Integration

With over 20 pre-built shopping cart integrations,  we can get integrated with your system very quickly. It takes only a few minutes to integrate with the retail platform of your choice.

Our warehouse operatives will receive your orders automatically and will start the pick and pack proccess! 

Fast and Reliable Shipping

We provide multi-courier shipping to suit every customer. We work with over 30 reliable pick and pack courier services such as DPD, DHL and Royal Mail, to provide you and your customer with fast and affordable shipping. 

Pick, Pack and Dispatch – we do the hard work, so you don’t have to! Our pick and pack fulfillment services is the solution to your worries! 

Our Pick and Pack Services really is the best in Ireland and UK

Want to find out about Pick and Pack Services?

Contact us today and we’ll schedule a conversation to discuss your  future goals, and your pick and pack fulfillment requirements. 

We’ll then tailor a proposal for you, complete with an online platform demo and a tour of our pick and pack services and facilities.

What is Pick and Pack Services?

In the order fulfilment process, the pick and pack services is a crucial phase for customer success. The pick and pack order fulfilment are the processes of physically picking and packaging the inventory to be shipped to the consumer.

Your customer’s experience is heavily influenced by the speed, expertise, and accuracy of pick and pack services. Customers are less inclined to recommend or purchase from you again if goods come late, damaged, or with the wrong items. Therefore picking, packing and shipping services make-or-break any eCommerce fulfilment cycle; therefore, it is important to perfect your pick and pack services.

Meteor Space’s pick and pack services is your solution. We do the hard work for you, so you don’t have to.

Meteor Space’s Pick and Pack UK Warehouse:

At Meteor Space, we offer a wide range of pick and pack services in Ireland, the UK & across Europe to suit all your business needs.

It can be a complex process to ensure that your products are accurately picked and packed correctly, so outsourcing a pick and pack warehouse that specialises in this is a great way to free up your time and energy.

We make sure that accuracy and speed are our top priorities, and we can offer you a range of pick and pack services so that each package you send not only keeps your product safe, but also creates the best possible impression for your customer.

Benefits of using Meteor Space’s Pick and Pack services:

Outsourcing Meteor Space’s pick and pack services means your business will increase efficiency and fulfil orders more accurately through greater operational visibility. Our warehouse pick and pack fulfillment specialists will pick and pack your orders with 100% accuracy.

Optimised Inventory Management

At Meteor Space, we are continuously enhancing our pick and pack services. All orders are processed via our cloud-based warehouse management software, Canary 7 which works with your existing platform to provide real-time inventory tracking. Our WMS ensure our pick and pack services is fully transparent, consistent and improves our on-time delivery performance.

Fast and Efficient Pick and Pack Services

Within our fast-moving pick and pack warehouse, our experts are fully experience in picking and packing you orders. Our pick and pack service is designed to quickly locate the picking locations to speed the pick and pack process to ensure every order is picked and packed as quickly as possible for your customers.

Wide Range of Packaging to Choose from

At Meteor Space pick and pack warehouse, we have packaging options to suit everyone’s requirements. We have different sizes to suit different products and orders.

Each order will have packing slips and will have a customised shipping label involving the brands information. You have the choice to have a fully customised packaging to suit your business!

Our Pick and Pack Services UK

Our order fulfilment service includes pick and pack. Everything is taken care of by us, from receiving and storing stock from your manufacturers to shipping items to clients and even processing returns. Our pick and pack services are built on strict quality measures which deploy our core values in action every single time with every order: timeliness, accuracy, flawless packaging, streamlined operations, and high-end customer service. There are four main steps involved in the pick and pack service in our warehouse:

Our Pick and Pack Services UK

Step 1

An ecommerce order is transmitted to the pick and pack warehouse and a picking slip is generated to determine the optimum quantities of product and the picking location.

Step 2

Our warehouse operatives will use the picking slip to physically pick the items.

Step 3

Once the items are picked from the location, our warehouse team will start packing your order into appropriate packaging and labelled for delivery for the customer.

Step 4

The order is shipped with the carefully picked courier. Meteor Space works with the most well-known and reliable pick and pack courier services, providing fast and affordable shipping

Benefit from our Pick and Pack Services UK:

  • We will work with you to choose the type of pick and pack services that best suits your product and customer needs.
  • We ensure all items are packed safely and accurately, and will use additional packaging such as bubble wrap, strapping and extra wrapping if required to keep your product in top shape.
  • From our pick and pack services, choose from standard labels and branding on your product, or your own unique labeling and branding – including areas like boxes and parcel tape if you want to personalise each package.
  • At Meteor Space we have also invested in packing machines to help speed up the pick and pack services such as fully automated strapping – ensuring your product is always safe and secure as it travels to its destination from Ireland/ Europe.
  • Within our pick and pack services, a gift wrap service is also available if needed, or if you have any special requirements we’ll be happy to speak with you and advise you on our pick and pack services and the best options for you.
  • We also offer a kitting service within our pick and pack services to save you time. We can put together a variety of products for each individual order – freeing up your time and catering for the space requirements that are needed to store different parts

Improve Your Customer's Experience With Meteor Space Pick and Pack Services

Using an outsourcing company for your pick and pack services UK will help you streamline your customer service, as well as substantially improving the processes involved with all your picking & packing and shipping solutions.

By teaming up with Meteor Space’s pick and pack service UK you can be sure of getting a fast and reliable service that we can link in with great delivery benefits:


  • Get next day delivery services, including next day anywhere in Ireland.
  • Have orders dispatched on the weekend.
  • Take advantage of our online track and trace service – which you can use with your own reference numbers.

Within the UK and Ireland, Meteor Space provides the finest ecommerce pick and pack services.

Contact us and we’ll set up a consultation call to talk about your present warehouse operations and pick and pack fulfillment needs.

Then we’ll develop a bespoken pick and pack service for your ecommerce business as well as a range of other fantastic fulfilment services across Europe & Ireland.

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    Pick and Pack Services FAQs

    Warehousing and fulfillment centers offer pick and pack services to help your ecommerce business out. Pick and pack services is a process that takes place after an order is placed by your customers. The pick and pack service is most crucial part of the fulfillment process. 

    There are two stages within the pick and pack service which are picking and packing.

    Picking is when an order slip is generated after the order is placed. The order slip contains all items required to complete the order. The warehouse staff receives the order slip and picks out the items needed for the order from the inventory. Warehouses and fulfillment centers store your business’s inventory for you, making the picking process more efficient. 

    Packing is the second stage of the picking and packing service which takes place after picking. When all items for an order are picked out from the inventory, they are taken to the packing stations. During the packing process, all items are packed using the correct packing materials and placed into boxes or packages for the customers. 

    Experienced third-party logistics like Meteor Space can help you out with the  pick and pack service. We guarantee accurate picking every time, making sure your customers are always satisfied. Meteor Space can help you take your ecommerce business to the next level. 

    You can outsource your pick and pack services to a 3PL provider like Meteor Space if your eCommerce firm has outgrown its fulfilment capacity.

    Pick and pack services can enable you to focus on the different aspects of your online store, making sure you have enough time and resources to accelerate the growth of your ecommerce business. 

    Meteor Space has years of experience with pick and pack services, helping businesses ensure their customers always get fast and accurate orders. Our expert warehouse operatives always double-check all orders, making sure all items are correct. Here at Meteor Space, we use advanced tools to generate order slips that are always correct. 

    Our packing stations use bespoke technology to automate most of the packing process, making it fast and efficient. We ensure the risk of errors is as low as possible, providing our ecommerce clients with the best experience. 

    With the help of Meteor Space’s brilliant ecommerce pick and pack solutions, you can provide your customers with affordable and correct orders, helping you increase their loyalty to your brand. We enable you to focus on what matters, making sure your customers are always happy with what they receive. 

    Meteor Space is the best ecommerce pick and pack service within the UK and Ireland. Read more about why you should outsource an Fulfillment Company here. 

    At Meteor Space, we have our WMS (Canary 7) which makes our pick and pack services seamless. 


    Our pick and pack software will assist you in completing the procedures necessary to establish effective and accurate pick, pack, and ship systems.  It will help you batch orders, and manage your inventory.

    Seasonal demands are something we've dealt with for a long time. We can meet your needs, from garden furniture enterprises that have their busiest seasons throughout the summer to the spike in orders around Black Friday and the Christmas season.

    Our pick and pack services and solutions will ensure your orders will go out in time to keep the seasonal demands. Our pick and pack specialist will do the hard work for you so you don't have to! Read more about how Meteor Space will help your business during seasonal demands here. 

    Increase Efficiency And Productivity

    If you are carrying out picking and packing services for your ecommerce business yourself, you must have noticed that there are a lot of errors. That happens when you try to increase the speed of the process without having skilled workers who can keep up. 

    When moving products at high speeds, your staff can make errors because they are not used to the load and speed. Instead of increasing efficiency, it can decrease it. Using expert ecommerce pick and pack services can get the job done in less time and reduce the risk of errors. 

    Experienced ecommerce pick and pack services like Meteor Space have warehouse workers who have years of experience when it comes to picking and packing orders. We also use advanced technology, reducing the risk of human errors. Meteor Space helps improve the efficiency of your order fulfillment with our pick and pack solutions, also helping you increase your team’s productivity. 

    Reach More Customers 

    When you are running an online business, it is crucial that you reach as many customers as you can. If you are fulfilling orders in-house, it is often difficult to deliver to a wide range of locations, decreasing your reach. It can stop your business from growing and reaching its full potential. 

    Handing your ecommerce pick and pack service over to Meteor Space helps you reach more customers, providing fast deliveries to everyone. We make sure you can increase the reach of your online store using our services, and provide accurate and quick orders to all your customers. 

    Our pick and pack service is located in Northern Ireland, providing clients with unfettered access to UK and Europe. We help you deliver products to diverse locations, helping you build a solid community and customer-base for your ecommerce business. 

    Provide Customers With Faster Delivery 

    Every customer wants one thing from your online business: fast delivery. If your product takes weeks to reach them, it can create an unpleasant shopping experience for them. They are more likely to purchase from your competitors the next time, reducing your sales. 

    Pick and pack services is nothing without fast delivery, and here at Meteor Space, we understand that. We ensure all your customers get their orders on the time promised, or even before that. Meteor Space knows how important it is to keep your customers pleased with your services, and we provide it for you. 

    It is common that ecommerce pick and pack services and fulfillment centers like Meteor Space provide fast shipping. We work with the top pick and pack courier services, making sure all operations are efficient and quick. 

    Streamline Multi Channel Ecommerce Fulfillment 

    Online stores often require multi channel fulfillment because they are using various sales channels to grow their business. It can be challenging to keep up with all orders as the volume increases with time. Having the right technology and software can help manage all orders and make all processes more efficient. 

    Meteor Space provides you with  pick and pack solutions and advanced warehouse management software, helping you keep an eye on all operations. Our WMS is tailored to the needs of your business, ensuring you can streamline your multi channel ecommerce fulfillment processes. With our help, you don’t have to worry about anything!

    Meteor Space enables you to track orders, keep an eye on the inventory and stock levels, create accurate forecasts, and much more with our WMS. We want to make sure all your operations are organized, giving you the opportunity to focus on different aspects of your business. 

    Accurate Orders Every Time 

    If you want your online store to be successful, you need to ensure all orders are accurate. If your customers don’t receive what they ordered, it will increase the return rates and bring down the ratings for your online store. It can hinder the growth of your business, driving sales away and decreasing revenue. 

    Accuracy is a crucial part of the ecommerce pick and pack process. If you don’t make sure all orders are accurate, your customers are more likely to move on to your competitors. Meteor Space has a state-of-the-art pick and pack warehouse, providing accurate orders every time. 

    Our experienced staff and advanced technology help ensure your customers get what they order. We decrease the risk of errors, helping you maintain a high rating for your store. With our help, you can improve your brand’s online reputation and generate more sales. 

    Increase Customer Happiness And Satisfaction 

    As an ecommerce business, or any business, is there anything more important than customer satisfaction and happiness? The answer is no. If your customers are not satisfied with your pick and pack service, your online store can never be successful. Customers are the backbone of your business, and it should be your number one priority to provide them with the best. 

    Working with expert ecommerce pick and pack services like Meteor Space help you ensure all your customers are always getting the best services. We provide accurate, fast, and affordable order deliveries, helping you maintain your image and increase customer satisfaction. 

    We know that ecommerce picking and packing can take a lot of your time, which is why we do it for you! With our help, you can focus on developing strategies that will take your business to new heights. You don’t have to worry about the order fulfillment, so you can use your time to create the best experience for your customers and increase their loyalty. 

    Create Brand Awareness 

    In today’s day and age, you can’t be successful if you don’t focus on creating awareness for your brand. It is essential that people know who you are and what your brand stands for. If you don’t improve brand awareness, it is difficult for your business to stand out from the competition and people are more likely to forget you. 

    Meteor Space, an experienced ecommerce pick and pack fulfillment center and solutions, helps you build your online reputation and become memorable for your customers. We provide you with custom packaging, helping you showcase your brand logo and aesthetics in the best way possible. 

    With our help, you can create an exceptional experience for your customers, building your online reputation and creating awareness for your brand. Our custom packaging services also ensure you are memorable, and people know who you are. We help you provide the most exhilarating unboxing experience for your customers. 

    Pick And Pack Warehousing 

      Meteor Space provides clients with the best pick and pack warehousing services. Our state-of-the-art warehouse spreads across 200,000 square feet, making sure there is always enough space for all our clients’ inventories. We help store all your material for you, cutting down extra expenses and helping you maintain a lean business model. 

    Inventory Management 

    Meteor Space takes care of all your inventory management needs, providing you with the chance to focus on all opportunities to accelerate the growth of your business. We keep track of your stock levels, replenish inventory, and create accurate forecasts. With our help, you can make sure all inventory operations are streamlined and efficient, taking away all your worries. 

    Fast And Affordable Delivery 

    Meteor Space works with the leading carriers of the world, offering you affordable shipping rates and fast order delivery. Our pick and pack solutions will make sure all your customers receive their orders on time, helping you increase customer satisfaction and happiness. Our fast and accurate shipping services help you stand out from your competition and ensure your online store’s success. 

    Access To UK And Europe

    Meteor Space is located in Northern Ireland, making us the ideal ecommerce pick and pack fulfillment center for your business. We provide all our clients with unfettered access to UK and Europe, helping you increase the reach of your business. With our pick and pack solutions, you can deliver to customers in diverse locations, making sure your business is not restricted. Meteor Space is the best warehousing and fulfillment center UK and European brands can use!

    24/7 Security And Surveillance

    Our ecommerce pick and pack warehouse is fully secure and protected at all times. We provide 24/7 surveillance, making sure we keep an eye on all your items. When you work with Meteor Space, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your inventory, as we guarantee it. You can access the security footage at any time, helping us maintain transparency for all our clients. 

    Custom Packaging 

    Meteor Space pick and pack solutions offers custom packaging for our customers, helping you show your brand elements and aesthetics in the best way possible. We know how important custom packaging is in today’s market, which is why we provide it for you. With our help, you can create an amazing unboxing experience for customers and increase your brand awareness. 

    The Best Software Solution

    Meteor Space provides all clients with the best warehouse management software. With our advanced technology, you can track all your orders, making multi channel order fulfillment more efficient than ever. Our WMS helps you manage orders, track inventory, create accurate forecasts, and much more. Meteor Space tailors our software to your business needs, making sure your operations run smoothly. 

    Other Services 

    Meteor Space is not your average ecommerce pick and pack fulfillment center. We provide pick and pack solutions and services, helping you succeed. Meteor Space offers kitting and assembly, making subscription fulfillment efficient for your business. We also provide excellent customer support, ensuring all your queries are heard and addressed right away. 

    Pick and pack services fee is the charges related to picking items from inventory and packing them using packing material. Pick and pack warehousing facilities like Meteor Space offer affordable pick and pack services and solutions for ecommerce businesses. 

    Pick and pack solutions is a kind of order fulfilment most commonly utilised by eCommerce businesses who accept orders and ship them. Rather of packing and delivering entire cases and pallets of products, eCommerce merchants rely on employees to remove individual items from  warehouse shelves and arrange them in boxes or envelopes (pack) labelled to specific clients for dispatch. This method allows pick and pack personnel quick access to products and, when properly arranged, reduces handling time. Pick and pack also cuts down on freight and other expenses.

    Avoid product damage

    It's just as crucial for consumers to receive the correct things as it is for them to receive them in the expected condition. Both the client and the company suffer from damaged items. For the client, this involves returning the item and then waiting for a replacement or refund, which might take weeks. For the company, this entails recovering the damaged item, providing a replacement, or issuing a refund. All of this reflects poorly on the firm. As a result, order packing protects your items from breaking so that they arrive to your consumer in good condition.

    Increase brand recognition

    Apart from the invoice and shipping label, most firms who handle their own shipping add something additional to their packing to identify themselves. It might be their logo, the colours they employ, the box design, or another component of their packaging. Amazon for example, include their brand names and logos on each box so that buyers can determine where the gift came from before opening it. This type of packaging is not only attractive to the eye, but it also aids in brand recognition and may be utilised as a marketing strategy.

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