Kickstarters Fulfilment

Getting your passion projects off the ground can be hard work. Kickstarter organisations are a great way to help spread awareness about your project and encourage funding to realise the idea.

Once you’ve run a successful Kickstarter campaign, you need a robust fulfilment service to take your project to the next level. If your product demand is extremely high, you can run into several challenges that can make or break your Kickstarter project.

A dedicated fulfilment service can take care of your inventory, provide packaging, and ship products on time. Fulfilment warehouses like Meteor Space provide a complete package of services that can streamline your order fulfilment process.

What Is Kickstarter Fulfilment?

Kickstart fulfilment looks at all the different steps to deliver an order to a customer once they place it. Some processes include receiving and storing inventory, order processing, picking and packing and transporting items to the customer’s destination.

Fulfilment services take these challenges out of your hands by providing end-to-end order fulfilment, packaging and shipping services. Unlike standard established businesses, fulfilment looks a lot different for Kickstarter companies.

Even though fulfilment is often carried out at the end of the sales process, many kickstarters can benefit from establishing a well-thought-out fulfilment strategy beforehand. A prepared order fulfilment plan will help you alleviate stress from high orders and ensure customers remain happy.

A streamlined fulfilment process and a solid marketing strategy will help create confidence in your brand and help you expand your reach. Partnering with a reliable fulfilment centre like Meteor Space is a surefire way to maintain your project’s success.

How Meteor Space Can Help With Kickstarter Fulfilment

Kickstarters are a great way to bring your passion projects to life, and Meteor Space can help you take them to the next level. We will help you streamline your fulfilment process to expand your reach and increase customer satisfaction.

At Meteor Space, we understand that every business has unique needs, which is why our specialists will work with you to create a bespoke fulfilment plan. Once you’ve designed the perfect fulfilment model, we will give you access to various tools and features to elevate order processing.

Our experts will accurately pick and pack items with the right materials to ensure their safety. In addition, you will also have access to our state-of-the-art inventory management system and reliable couriers.

We aim to provide a stress-free and seamless experience you and your customers can enjoy.

Benefits of Using Meteor Space for Kickstarter Fulfilment

Bespoke Fulfilment Solution

Not all Kickstarter businesses are the same, so we at Meteor Space always cater our fulfilment service according to your needs. Whether you have a high volume output or sell a curated set of products, we provide scalable service for any kind of fulfilment.

A tailor-made fulfilment plan will also keep your operating costs low as you’ll only pay for what you need. Our expert staff can also deal with inventory fluctuations to keep you right on track.

Custom Packaging

Making the right first impression is crucial for every Kickstarter business, so we at Meteor Space help you create custom packaging that highlights your brand’s identity. 

Personalised packaging allows you to create custom shipping boxes, inserts, coupons and more. With our custom packaging service, you can create a unique unboxing experience for your customers.

Knowledgeable and Friendly Experts

Fulfilment often comes with unique challenges that make or break Kickstarter campaigns. Your supply chain can face major delays without proper guidance, leading to disappointed consumers. Meteor Space can lend a helping hand to alleviate all your fulfilment concerns.

Our team members provide quality order fulfilment services and expert advice to help navigate packing and shipping. At Meteor, you will find transparency and full knowledge of everything that goes behind the scenes to get your order processed.

Our experts are available 24/7 to help you manage order fulfilment for business growth while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Get In Touch

Contact us and we’ll set up a consultation call to discuss all of your fulfilment needs. Our experts will work with you to create a bespoke fulfilment service catered to your business needs


    Here are some frequently asked questions about Kickstarter fulfilment.

    What Is The Maximum Number of SKUs You Can Store?

    We offer scalable inventory management that can fit our client’s storage needs. Whether you run a seasonal store or have a high volume output, Meteor Space can offer storage space according to your business needs.

    Does Packaging Vary According to Product Type?

    We provide packaging according to the product's shape, size and fragility. This ensures that items remain safe through transit and reach customers damage-free.

    Is Meteor Space A Customs Bonded Warehouse?

    Yes, Meteor Space is a custom-bonded fulfilment centre. We are based in Northern Ireland, but you can ship your products anywhere in the European and British markets.

    Does Meteor Space Help With The Returns Process?

    Having a returns system is crucial for retaining customers. At Meteor Space, our fulfilment experts are happy to handle returns for your retail platform.

    What eCommerce Platforms Can I Integrate With Meteor Space?

    eCommerce and Meteor Space’s fulfilment services go hand in hand. We offer integrations with several online shopping platforms, including Shopify, WooCommercce and Magneto, just to name a few. You can also connect popular platforms such as eBay and Amazon with Meteor Space.