Take Advantage Of Meteor Space’s Customs Bonded Warehouse: UK’s Leading Choice

Our customs bonded warehouse in UK can help you avoid import charges and prevent delays in shipping 

If you are looking for a leading customs bonded warehouse UK has to avoid import charges or delays, Meteor Space can be your ultimate solution. Located in UK, our 3PL company provides storage space for clients and the facilities needed to ensure that imports meet all of the necessary standards and they don’t have to pay any extra charges. 

We also offer customs clearance services so that your items can be cleared through customs quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss. Meteor Space has been offering customs bonded warehousing solutions for a long time, making us one of the no.1 bonded service warehouse UK has. 

The team here has years of experience in importing and exporting goods between the UK and European markets without any trouble, even after Brexit! We make sure all your products are held securely in our state of the art warehouse facility. When outsourcing to Meteor Space, you can rest easy because we are a duty-free zone!

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Meteor Space’s Bonded Warehouse: UK’s Leading Facility

The decision to use a top bonded service warehouse UK has is one of the most important decisions you will make when importing goods into UK or exporting them out. It’s a big decision and you need to choose your customs bonded warehouse in UK very carefully. You need to have the top bonded and duty paid warehouse UK has to offer to meet your needs, and Meteor Space provides the perfect solution for you.

Meteor Space is one of the leading customs bonded warehouse UK has. Our bonded warehouse is one of the most secure and advanced bonded and duty paid warehouse UK has to offer, with an area of 200,000 square feet. The facilities at Meteor Space’s customs bonded warehouse are designed to give maximum flexibility to the client. With a team of experienced and efficient staff, our company has created an infrastructure that is second to none.

A growing list of our clients have discovered the benefits of the leading bonded service warehouse UK has: Meteor Space. Stocking your branded product, providing a B2B service or end to end order fulfillment, businesses are increasingly looking to Meteor Space as one of the ideal locations to hold their stock.

Meteor Space offers a range of dedicated warehousing services in UK. Whether you are looking for a warehouse management system that streamlines your order management, a storage facility for your inventory, or deferring VAT charges on your imports, our dedicated customs bonded warehouse in UK provides tailor made solutions to suit your requirements.

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Why You Need Customs Warehousing

Brexit has had a significant impact on import and export of goods between the UK and Europe, which can cause problems for countless businesses. Any export business that wants to send goods to the European Union (EU) has to follow the rules laid down by the Union Customs Code. It is very important that businesses have a warehouse in a bonded area which is approved by HMRC.

bonded warehouse is a secure place where goods can be stored before you  export them. It is important because it allows businesses to have control over the movement of goods, and it also allows the business to be taxed in the right way. Meteor Space provides your business with the top customs warehousing. Brexit will not be a problem for your business, as we store your inventory and help avoid import VAT charges, keep up with new custom declarations, and prevent any delays.

It may seem like a no-brainer that a warehouse is the key to a successful business. After all, it’s the place where your inventory is stored. It’s where your products are stored until they are ready to be shipped out. It’s where your employees work. But there are a few hidden benefits to having a bonded warehouse that you may not have considered before. Meteor Space makes sure your import and export of goods between the UK and European markets takes place as smoothly as possible.

How A Customs Bonded Warehouse In UK Works

Import Goods To A Bonded Warehouse

While working with a bonded warehouse in UK, your items are imported to the customs bonded warehouse and kept there. At the point when the goods are received in a customs bonded warehouse in UK, the expenses, duties, VAT, or other charges are delayed till later. When your products arrive at the customs bonded warehouse, they are kept their without the concern of paying  import charges or duties.

Products Are Sorted, Repacked, & Stored

After your products are received by a bonded and duty paid warehouse in UK, they are stored away there. You can store your imported goods for as long as possible or you can store them for a brief period prior to trading them out of the country or ship them to fulfill orders. When the products are put away in a customs bonded service warehouse in UK, they are frequently checked and repacked whenever required. The products are arranged to make your stock more straightforward to deal with.

Products Are Sent To The Next Destination Or Used For Order Fulfillment

After your products have been received, repacked, and arranged, they are put away in the  bonded service warehouse in UK before the next steps are taken. Your goods can be traded out of the nation once more. When you send out your products from a customs bonded warehouse in UK, you don't need to pay customs fees or import charges, which is the reason a leading customs bonded warehouse UK has is helpful for your business. You can likewise keep these products put away as your stock and use them to complete orders for your business.

Expenses, Duties, And Other Charges Are Paid When Goods Are Released

The best part are the bonded warehouse costs UK based companies bring to the table. You need to pay no additional fees, taxes, or charges in the event that you send out your products out of the country without getting them cleared. In any case, if you want to sell your products in UK, you should pay the import VAT charges, duties, or any other expenses to get your goods released, alongside the bonded warehouse costs UK based warehouses charge from you.

Features Of Meteor Space's Bonded Warehouse: UK's Finest

Affordable Services

At Meteor Space, we offer quality services at reasonable costs. With the advancement of online shopping and the capacity to offer items and services to clients all over the planet, organizations need to find top-notch customs bonded warehouses UK has to offer, that can also transport their products at reasonable rates. As a leading bonded and duty paid warehouse UK has, we can offer all top-notch fulfillment and warehousing services, and manage your inventory for you at a reasonable cost.

Custom Bonded Warehouse Management Software Solutions 

Our customs bonded warehouse management system is an extensive framework that deals with and streamlines your fulfillment operations and processes. It shows you where every one of your items are right now, like their area, progress and status. You can utilize it to oversee employees, track stock, and schedule your shipments. Our WMS permits you to improve your work process for the execution, everything being more organized. Meteor Space offers all clients Canary7, our customs bonded warehouse management software that is tailored to your business needs.Our bonded warehouse management software will assist you with managing your cash flow and time by smoothing out your whole warehouse operation.

Brilliant Customer Support

Our client support has always been great and that is a major part of what makes us one of the most reliable customs bonded warehouse UK has. We are proud of our customer services and we attempt to satisfy our clients each time we work with them. We need to ensure they figure out what they need and we can provide it for them. We are prepared to respond to any of your inquiries and ensure that you are totally happy with the response you get. You can contact our expert staff and client service team and find prompt solutions to any inquiries you might have.

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Redesign your warehousing and stocking with Meteor Space’s customs warehousing. Brexit and new custom regulations aren’t anything to stress over while working with us! At Meteor Space, we also offer temperature-controlled facility, intended to shield your items from the elements. Our 200,000-square-foot customs bonded warehouse in UK uses a high level alarm framework and other fundamental security frameworks. We also offer different stocking choices, including pallet storage. Our warehousing services include short and long haul warehousing, and we can assist you with sending your items straight to your clients.

Stock Control And Management

Stock administration and management is fundamental for any business, whether it is an large-scale endeavor or a small business. Robust stock management strategies can improve the outcome of your business and further develop your reputation. As one of the top customs bonded warehouse UK-based companies have access to, Meteor Space offers a scope of stock management services to assist you with dealing with your inventory operations. We give you the tools you want and guarantee that your stock is appropriately observed and your items are delivered to your clients as fast as they expected. We’ll help you track and deal with your stock so you can zero in on what makes the biggest difference: selling your items!

Quick And Accurate Shipping

Meteor Space can promise you quick and accurate order delivery, so you can focus on developing your business. Fast and precise order fulfillment is one of the main aspects of any business, whether on the web or offline. On the off chance that you don’t deliver orders to your clients on time, they won’t come back to purchase again from your business. This is why a partnership with Meteor Space, a leading bonded and duty paid warehouse UK has, can be of incredible value for your business.

Protection And Security

Security is a central issue for companies in the present day, particularly with regards to customs bonded warehouse storing their inventory for them. That is the reason we give solutions for your business that assist with controlling your stock and safeguard it against burglary or harm. From 24/7 observation to serialization and stock management, we offer a comprehensive solution to address your issues. We work with you to decide the best strategy for your particular requirements and circumstances so you can guard your stock. Our customs bonded warehouse in UK has staff who assist us and maintain 100%  transparency in the entirety of our tasks with our clients.

Unfettered Access To Europe And The UK

Companies all over UK won’t ever feel restricted or contained while working with Meteor Space, a leading bonded warehouse UK has. As one of the top choices for organizations in the UK and Europe, we realize that your reach is one of the most crucial aspects of your business development. Which is why we provide you with unlimited access to the UK and European market sectors. With our assistance, you can reach your clients in countless locations and speed up the development of your business without stressing over customs and import VAT charges. Work with Meteor Space and ensure you don’t pass on any chances to develop your business! 

You Can Take Advantage Of Our Leading Customs Bonded Warehouse (UK)

Easy International Shipping

A customs bonded warehouse in UK is a warehouse that is set up to beyond the country’s customs region. A customs bonded warehouse is connected with the sea ports and airports, so the goods inside it very well may be sent out to the country of your choice without any hassle. The customs bonded warehouse in UK isn’t under customs locale, so it tends to be used to stock briefly.

In a leading bonded service warehouse in UK, the products can be put away free from any expense or duties until they are exported. If a shipping carrier has any desire to bring products into the country, they can orchestrate to make shipments from customs bonded warehouses. In this way, there is no reason to carry out customs clearance. A top bonded and duty paid warehouse in UK solves a ton of issues with respect to customs and import charges, making worldwide transportation much more simple.

Long-Term Stock Storage Option

A leading customs bonded warehouse UK has can be an excellent choice for long-term stock storage. This is on the grounds that it permits the products to be put away at a specified location, and you can use it to store a wide range of products. This can be exceptionally helpful in the right circumstances. Here are some of the reasons you should use a top customs bonded warehouse UK has for long-term stock storage:

  • Don’t have to deal with in-house storage space or workers.
  • You can receive your products whenever you want them.
  • You can pick any location for the goods.

The Best Place For Storing Restricted Goods 

Assuming you’re a seller or importer, and you want to get your products into the country. It depends on you to comply with paying custom duties and charges or going for storage in a customs bonded warehouse in UK. A leading bonded warehouse UK has is the most ideal choice when you have products that are restricted or have special requirements.

With a customs bonded service warehouse in UK, you don’t need to stress over paying VAT charges, additional duties, or anything else. You can keep your restricted products in a protected warehouse without having to deal with special charges or spending any additional cash on getting your goods released.

Deferred Duties

With a  customs bonded warehouse in UK, not exclusively are the charges and duties deferred however they are likewise not chargeable if the goods are exported out of the country within the predetermined time. However, in the event that the products are processed, reused, or used for another item, then the duties would become chargeable.

For companies that are in the export and import industry, it very well may be challenging to import goods, pay duties, and afterwards export the goods out out of the country. Which is the reason a leading customs bonded warehouse UK has is the most ideal choice for your business. You will never need to pay additional charges assuming that you are sending out the products later in time.

Stress-Free Relationship With Customs Bonded Warehouse (UK)

With a top customs bonded warehouse UK has, you can store your items for a lengthy timeframe. It is where you can store your product in an exceptional facility and pay more as you go. When you use a bonded service warehouse in UK, you don’t have to pay for the import expenses and fees for your imported items.

Despite the fact that you will in any case need to pay for the storage, you will still get a good deal on the duty and import charges. Furthermore, it is a hassle-free partnership with a bonded warehouse in UK, and you don’t need to stress over the desk work. Working with a   bonded and duty paid warehouse in UK is profoundly beneficial for your business, and you can build a strong relationship with a leading customs bonded warehouse UK has to help you out with your imports and exports.

Why Choose Our Bonded Warehouse?

UK-based customs bonded warehouse, Meteor Space, provides you with all that you are searching for!

  • Unlimited access to all of Europe and UK
  • Intensive knowledge on the most recent customs announcements 
  • Complete order picking, packing, and shipping for customs bonded warehouse items
  • Capacity to mass import, repackaging and dispatch straight to purchasers
  • Ideal location for transport inside the UK and for worldwide order fufillment

Meteor Space offers you a cutting-edge customs bonded warehouse in UK, order fulfillment services, and much more. We assist you with taking your business to a higher level, ensuring you never need to stress over import delays and VAT charges! 

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    Bonded Warehouse UK FAQs

    Brexit has made it difficult for UK based businesses to import and export their merchandise without the assistance of customs warehousing. When it comes to a customs bonded warehouse UK has, items are stored in the warehouse facility for the owner. It is a special spot where imported products can be kept. There are different purposes for a business to use a customs bonded warehouse in UK.


    A bonded warehouse assists with safeguarding the merchant’s products in the event of a quality dispute or inability to clear customs, if storage is required for the goods to be released or the importer does not have extra room. A customs bonded warehouse (UK) generally has insurance that shields the products from harm during storage. Also, the seller can utilize the customs bonded warehouse's staff to deal with their goods.

    UK-based companies frequently keep thinking about whether they require a customs bonded warehouse for their goods. All you really want to know is that assuming a business has a requirement for extra space, a customs bonded warehouse in UK might be the best fit. These customs bonded warehouses UK has are used by businesses who need to stock their goods and deliver them when the fees has been paid. These customs bonded warehouses are used all over the globe. They might be utilized for construction supplies and materials, however most of their goods are shipped with the end goal of consumption.

    Brexit has caused a great deal of shakiness with regards to importing and exporting goods and the expenses of customs. However, a leading customs bonded warehouse UK has, like Meteor Space, can offer you a wide range of pricing options, depending on what your necessities are. At Meteor Space, we charge you in light of your storage needs and also help you out with paying VAT and finishing the paperwork on your behalf.