Customs Bonded Warehouse in Northern Ireland (NI)

Customs Bonded Warehouse in Northern Ireland (NI):

With Brexit, it means importing goods from EU into the UK face new custom declarations, import VAT charges and major delays. Meteor Space being a custom bonded warehouse in Northern Ireland (NI) is your solution to Brexit! We provide a natural logistic solution by importing your goods directly to Northern I.

Outsource with Meteor Space, we are a duty-free zone. Our bonded warehouse is based in the United Kingdom (UK) which allows your company to keep products while maintaining unrestricted access to the European (EU) and British (GB) markets.

We deal with worldwide companies at Meteor Space that have faced similar issues because of Brexit. Many benefits come with our customs bonded storage, including our extensive understanding of new custom declarations and processes. We can provide a competent, quick, and cost-effective option for firms exporting to Ireland and GB as a custom bonded warehouse in the UK.

We’re known for our consistent service delivery, and we’ve enhanced automation and cut expenses by adopting Canary7, a bespoke warehouse management software. We can assist clients who want to take advantage of our secure bonded warehouse to save money and expedite customs clearance.

What is a Customs Bonded Warehouse?

A bonded warehouse is a secure space in which goods are liable to import duty and VAT can be stored with the customs duty. VAT payments on these items are deferred until the goods are sold or removed from the bonded warehouse. Therefore, Meteor Space is a duty-free zone. Our bonded warehouse allows your business to store your goods and have unfettered access to the United Kingdom (UK), European (EU) and Great Britain (GB) market.

Customs Bonded Warehouse

How does a Customs Bonded Warehouse in Northern Ireland work?

Bonded warehouses based in Northern Ireland, like non-bonded warehouses, allow businesses to hold their stock closer to international consumers for speedier delivery, with the added benefit of deferring customs duty payment until the commodities are released from the bonded warehouse.

Features of Using a Customs Bonded Warehouse:

There are many benefits to storing your item in custom bonded warehouse for importers and exporters including:

Improved Cashflow for your Business:

Deferred payment means that tax is not paid until the goods are sold or removed from the bonded warehouse. The result of deferred payment is a significant cash flow for your business. Storing your goods in a bonded warehouse will help reduce costs and increase your business’s profit margins.

Unfettered Access:

The goods will have unfettered access to the island of Ireland and GB. The unfettered access means that you will have the option of delivering your goods  directly to your customers next day to GB or Ireland. Meteor Space’s bonded warehouse provides a quality and unique service to your customers to ensure there is no delays or dissatisfied customers.

High Quality Service:

Storing your goods in our bonded warehouse will help improve the quality of service to your customers. Goods can be ordered in advance of anticipated demand and ready to be dispatched without delay to provide a high standard service. There will be less delays if you store your products with Meteor Space’s bonded warehouse. We offer next day delivery  throughout the island of Ireland to ensure quality services to your valued Irish customers!

Quality Preservation

Meteor Space’s bonded warehouse will accommodate with all different types of goods. We maintain a high standard to preserve the quality of your products. We provide appropriate materials and packaging to ensure the products are delivered to customers in the best standard. We work extremely hard between the packaging stage and distribution stage to ensure the product is carefully handled to preserve the quality of your goods. Bonded warehouses have high levels of security to protect your goods. Your goods will be delivered to your customers in the expected condition leading to satisfied customers.

Features of using a Customs Bonded Warehouse in Northern Ireland (NI)

There are many features to utilizing a customs bonded warehouse in Northern Ireland (NI) including the following:

  • Unfettered Access to the Island of Ireland and GB
  • Extensive knowledge of new customs declarations and processes
  • Full range of picking, packing and, fulfillment for bonded items
  • Capacity to import in bulk, re-pack, and transport directly to consumers
  • Located ideally for transportation links within the UK and for international distribution

What is the difference between a Customs Bonded Warehouse and a Non-Bonded Warehouse?

The main difference between a standard warehouse and a bonded warehouse is within a customs bonded warehouse, the items are kept until the customs duty is paid. The bonded items are held for a certain amount of time, during which time the duties and taxes must be paid in full.

Whereas, in a non-bonded warehouse the importer must pay taxes on products received and guarantee that they are completely examined promptly when items are stored in the bonded warehouse.

Fluctuating demand may cause items to sell slowly, allowing duty to be paid in accordance with demand. Therefore, using a bonded warehouse will save your business money in the short term.

The cost of using a UK Customs Bonded Warehouse

The cost of using a customs bonded warehouse in the UK will vary depending on the items and storage method. Contact Meteor Space today for an estimated cost of using our customs bonded warehouse. We will also assist you with additional procedures such as paying VAT or filling out paperwork.

How long can items stay in a Customs Bonded Warehouse?

Your items will be stored in the bonded warehouse for up to 90 days. After 90 days, the sellers must pay the duty and import VAT.

What Businesses Use a Customs Bonded Warehouse?

Many distributors and manufacturers use customs bonded warehouses to maintain their trade contracts with suppliers. Businesses who sell high-value goods such as electronics and luxury items are common users of a dry bonded warehouse.

Outsource Meteor Space’s Customs Bonded Warehouse

At Meteor Space, we work with global brands that have also struggled with similar challenges due to Brexit. With our expert knowledge of the new custom declarations and new processes, we are able to provide professional, fast, and cost-effective solutions for companies exporting into Ireland. We are renowned for our consistency of service delivery, using Canary7 a bespoke warehouse management software, we have improved automation that has significantly reduced costs. We are able to serve clients who wish to utilize our secure bonded warehousing to improve cost efficiency and ensure faster customs clearance.

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