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Customs Bonded Warehouse in Northern Ireland (NI)

With Brexit, it means importing goods from EU into the UK face new custom declarations, import VAT charges and major delays. Meteor Space being a custom bonded warehouse in Northern Ireland (NI) is your solution to Brexit! We provide a natural logistic solution by importing your goods directly to Northern Ireland.

Outsource with Meteor Space, we are a duty-free zone. Our bonded warehouse is based in the United Kingdom (UK) which allows your company to keep products while maintaining unrestricted access to the European (EU) and British (GB) markets.

We deal with worldwide companies at Meteor Space that have faced similar issues because of Brexit. Many benefits come with our customs bonded storage, including our extensive understanding of new custom declarations and processes. We can provide a competent, quick, and cost-effective option for firms exporting to Ireland and GB as a custom bonded warehouse in the UK.

We’re known for our consistent service delivery, and we’ve enhanced automation and cut expenses by adopting Canary7, a bespoke warehouse management software. We can assist clients who want to take advantage of our secure bonded warehouse to save money and expedite customs clearance.

What is a Customs Bonded Warehouse?

A bonded warehouse is a secure space in which goods are liable to import duty and VAT can be stored with the customs duty. VAT payments on these items are deferred until the goods are sold or removed from the bonded warehouse. Therefore, Meteor Space is a duty-free zone. Our bonded warehouse allows your business to store your goods and have unfettered access to the United Kingdom (UK), European (EU) and Great Britain (GB) market.

How Does A Customs Bonded Warehouse in Northern Ireland Work?

Situated within Northern Ireland, bonded warehouses present an invaluable solution for businesses seeking to optimize their logistical operations. These warehouses, akin to non-bonded counterparts, serve as secure storage facilities that allow companies to conveniently house their stock in close proximity to international consumers. The proximity factor translates into expedited delivery times, granting businesses a competitive edge in meeting customer demands swiftly and efficiently.

What sets bonded warehouses apart is the added advantage of deferring customs duty payment until the commodities stored within them are eventually released. This unique feature empowers businesses with enhanced financial flexibility, as they are not required to pay customs duties immediately upon importation. Instead, customs duties can be deferred, providing businesses with valuable breathing room to allocate their financial resources strategically.

By leveraging the services of bonded warehouses in Northern Ireland, businesses can capitalize on the benefits of holding their stock nearer to their target markets. This geographical advantage minimizes transit times, reduces shipping costs, and bolsters customer satisfaction through expedited delivery. Additionally, the option to defer customs duty payment enables companies to optimize their cash flow management, allowing them to allocate funds efficiently across various operational needs.

Furthermore, the utilization of bonded warehouses fosters smoother international trade transactions. These warehouses are subject to stringent security measures and regulations, ensuring the integrity and safety of the stored commodities. As a result, businesses can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their valuable goods are protected in a controlled and supervised environment until they are ready for distribution.

Advantages of using a Customs Bonded Warehouse in Northern Ireland (NI)

There are many advantages to utilizing a customs bonded warehouse in Northern Ireland (NI) including the following:

  • Unfettered Access to the Island of Ireland and GB
  • Extensive knowledge of new customs declarations and processes
  • Full range of picking, packing and, fulfillment for bonded items
  • Capacity to import in bulk, re-pack, and transport directly to consumers
  • Located ideally for transportation links within the UK and for international distribution

Why You Need A Customs Bonded Warehouse In Northern Ireland

Brexit has had a huge impact on imports and exports of goods between the United Kingdom and EU, which could cause problems for countless companies. Any exporting business wishing to ship goods to the European Union (EU) must comply with the rules set out in the Union Customs Code. It is very important that companies have a duty-free area or a customs bonded warehouse approved by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

A bonded warehouse is a safe place where items can be stored before export. This is important because it allows companies to have control over how their goods move, and it also allows businesses to be taxed appropriately. Meteor Space provides your company with the best customs bonded warehouse. Brexit will not be a problem for your business, as we monitor your stocks and adhere to new customs declarations, avoid import duties and avoid delays that may occur otherwise.

It may seem that a warehouse is the key to a successful business. After all, your inventory is stored here. In our customs bonded warehouse in Northern Ireland, your products are stored until they are ready to ship and it is a duty-free zone that can help you cut down expenses. There are some other hidden benefits of our customs bonded warehouse in Northern Ireland that you may not have considered before. Meteor Space ensures that your imports and exports of goods between the UK and European markets run as smoothly as possible.

The Best Place For Restricted Goods Storage

If you’re an importer, your goal is to get your goods into the country. It’s up to you to comply with paying duties, custom duties and taxes or going for storage in a customs bonded warehouse in UK. A Customs Bonded Warehouse in UK is the best option to use when you have goods that are restricted or subject to special requirements.

With a bonded warehouse, you don’t have to worry about paying customs, VAT charges, extra duties, or anything at all. You can keep your restricted goods in a secure facility without having to deal with special charges or spending any extra money on getting clearance for your goods. 

Duties Are Deferred 

With a customs bonded warehouse in UK, not only are the duties and charges deferred but they are also not chargeable, provided they are re-exported within specified time. However, in case the goods are reused, processed, or incorporated into another product, then the duties would become chargeable. 

For businesses that are in the import and export industry, it can be tough to import goods, pay duties, and then export them out. Which is why a bonded warehouse in UK is the best option for your business. You will no longer have to pay extra charges if you are exporting the goods later in time. 

Hassle-Free Relationship With A Customs Bonded Warehouse In UK

In a customs bonded warehouse in Northern Ireland, you can store your belongings for an extended period of time. It is a place where you can store your merchandise in a special warehouse and pay as you go.  When you use a customs bonded warehouse in UK or Northern Ireland, you can avoid paying for the import taxes and duties for your imported products. 

Although you will still have to pay for the storage fees, you will be able to save money on the tax and duty fees. Additionally, it is a hassle-free process and you do not have to worry about the paperwork. Working with a customs bonded warehouse in UK is highly beneficial for your business, and you can build a solid relationship with an efficient bonded warehouse to help you out with your imports and exports. 

Outsource Meteor Space's Customs Bonded Warehouse

At Meteor Space, we work with global brands that have also struggled with similar challenges due to Brexit. With our expert knowledge of the new custom declarations and new processes, we are able to provide professional, fast, and cost-effective solutions for companies exporting into Ireland. We are renowned for our consistency of service delivery, using Canary7 a bespoke warehouse management software, we have improved automation that has significantly reduced costs. We are able to serve clients who wish to utilize our secure bonded warehousing to improve cost efficiency and ensure faster customs clearance.

Customs Bonded Warehouse UK FAQs

Many distributors and manufacturers use customs bonded warehouses to maintain their trade contracts with suppliers. Businesses who sell high-value goods such as electronics and luxury items are common users of a dry bonded warehouse.

Your items will be stored in the bonded warehouse for up to 90 days. After 90 days, the sellers must pay the duty and import VAT.

The main difference between a standard warehouse and a bonded warehouse is within a customs bonded warehouse, the items are kept until the customs duty is paid. The bonded items are held for a certain amount of time, during which time the duties and taxes must be paid in full.

Whereas, in a non-bonded warehouse the importer must pay taxes on products received and guarantee that they are completely examined promptly when items are stored in the bonded warehouse.

Fluctuating demand may cause items to sell slowly, allowing duty to be paid in accordance with demand. Therefore, using a bonded warehouse will save your business money in the short term.

Customs bonded warehouses are a great way to store your imported goods, especially if you are waiting for an order to be shipped to you. Customs bonded warehouses in UK are used to store goods before they are shipped to the customer. This reduces the time that your goods are in transit and means that you can get your products to your customers quicker. Using a bonded warehouse in Northern Ireland can not only save you time, but can also save you money. 

When the goods are in transit, the customer is liable for the VAT, but if the goods are held in a customs bonded warehouse the duty is held by the warehouse. It is important to note, however, that a leading customs bonded warehouse UK has to offer, like Meteor Space, can hold your goods for long-term storage and you can also get a duty-free storage space for restricted or special items.

Our bonded warehouse Northern Ireland is your solution! 

A bonded warehouse is an extension of your business or office where you can manage your valuable goods for the long term. It is just like a mini-warehouse that you can use to store your products. Storage in a bonded warehouse in UK is much different than to store at other warehouses or storage facilities you rent because you are charged for warehouse space only when your products are stored in it. 


The space will be charged based on the standard size of the product.  After paying for the warehouse space, you can come to the warehouse with your goods anytime you want to, open the door and put your products inside. You will only pay for the warehouse space if you store your products in it. The best part is that a leading customs bonded warehouse UK has, like Meteor Space, is highly secured, so your products will be safe if you store them here. 


Also, if you are importing goods from foreign countries, you can use Meteor Space’s customs bonded warehouse in Northern Ireland as a temporary storage place in between the time of your goods arriving at the port to you receiving them and selling them or exporting them to UK or EU without any hassle.

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