White-Glove & 2 Man Delivery Service

Our committed and dependable 2 man delivery service will do the heavy work for you, so you don’t have to! 

Warehouse storage and two man delivery service are built for bulky or high-value items, when a lone person may not be sufficient. With our two man delivery service, we can transport anything from furniture to household appliances.

 If you have bulky or large goods such as home furniture, sports equipment, garden furniture, and a wide range of other commodities – our 2 man delivery service UK is the perfect solution to provide an efficient and speedy service to your customers in Ireland, UK and Europe.  Compared to other two man delivery companies, our 2 man furniture delivery services are unmatched! 

We have a wide network of 2 man delivery couriers to service businesses and consumers anywhere in the Republic of Ireland and the UK. Our 2 man delivery service allows for more efficient and secure loading and delivery of your goods. This service is designed to support your brand and exceed customer expectations by offering next-day delivery.

Key Features of Meteor Spaces 2 Man Delivery Service:

Our 2 Man White Glove Delivery service includes everything you need for stress-free delivery. We’ve created a seamless two man delivery service that prioritizes meeting your customers’ delivery expectations.

  •  Scheduled Delivery:   Our 2 man delivery service UK provides time-slots for both delivery and collection. The customer will receive a notification and phone call a couple of hours before the scheduled delivery.
  • Delivery to Room of Choice:  Our highly skilled and trained 2 man delivery drivers will deliver the items to the room of your choice.  You don’t have to worry about lifting heavy and awkward goods, our 2 man delivery service will do the hard work for you!
  • Removal and Disposal of Packaging:  We can remove and recycle the packaging of your bulky good once delivered. Create a pleasant customer experience with our 2-man delivery services.
  •  Light Assembly can be provided:  Within our 2-man delivery service, we have a white glove delivery service. Our white glove delivery service provides luxury service to provide your customers with a ready-to-use delivery experience.

Want to find out more about our 2 Man Delivery Service?

Contact us and we’ll set up a time to talk about your existing operations and the two man delivery service options for your items.

After that, we’ll put up a proposal for you that includes  a thorough pricing breakdown, and a tour of our ecommerce fulfilment services and our 2 man furniture and white glove delivery service! 

The 2 Man Delivery Service Process:

The effectiveness of your delivery methods has a direct impact on your brand and is critical in customer loyalty. Therefore, we strive to provide the best possible 2 man delivery service UK on the market for bulky goods, with constant communication and live updates for the end customer.

Our 2 man delivery service include:

  • Service is booked: Any order that requires 2 man delivery service will be booked for delivery
  • Perfectly accurate ETAs: ETAs automatically update depending on where the driver is located. Our 2 man delivery services is unmatched compared to other two man delivery companies. 
  • Customer notifications: Our notifications via email and SMS gives your customers’ peace of mind and constant communication throughout their shopping experience.
  • Proof of delivery: Bulky items are often of high value, therefore, we provide receipt names, signatures, and photo proof of deliveries. These automatically sync to our system.

Why is Meteor Space’s 2 Man Delivery Service better than
other 2 Man Delivery Companies:

Safe Delivery Experience:

On all 2 man delivery service, our staff employ the proper handling equipment to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

Risk-assessed Delivery:

When our teams arrive for a delivery, within the 2 man furniture delivery service, they risk analysing both the products and the end customer’s preferred room to choose a delivery strategy.

Regular Communication and Updates:

During the two man delivery service, our delivery staff calls the end client to confirm the projected arrival time. Our culture and beliefs are built on ensure we provide the highest standard service to your customers in delivery and customer satisfaction.

Top Quality Service:

2 man delivery and white glove delivery service are both high-quality services when you engage with the correct vendor. Customers are always informed, delivery rescheduling is straightforward, and they have more control over where their item is delivered.

We use our inhouse latest logistic delivery technology with two man delivery services and logistic staff. We aim to provide a high first-class delivery service on every delivery in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Which Industries can use Our 2 Man Delivery Service:

2 man delivery services can assist companies that deals with huge commodities. Due to the bulky nature of their goods, e-commerce and retail suppliers supplying high ticket items like furniture and home appliances generally require 2 man delivery companies.

Moving heavy products or oddly shaped products like sports equipment, gym equipment and furniture can be challenging therefore, a 2 man furniture delivery service in the UK  would be beneficial for those industries.

Looking for a Dependable 2 Man Delivery Service?

Regardless of the delivery, work, or weight, our two-man delivery service makes things simpler, easier, and faster. We offer amazing value in warehouse storage and 2 man furniture deliveries service throughout the UK.  There are a wide range of two man delivery companies but with our wealth of experience and bespoke solutions in warehousing and fulfillment help take companies that offer bulky goods to the next level. By offering a 2 man delivery service UK to end customers that can’t be matched throughout the island of Ireland and the UK.

Core Services you will also Benefit from:

When you choose Meteor Space’s 2 man delivery service, you choose more than a two man delivery provider. At Meteor Space, we transforms the productivity, efficiency and profitability of your logistics operation by providing smart and regularly updated features that give you total visibility and total control over your business.

Take your warehouse into the future with Meteor Space, the organisation founded by order fulfilment specialists for other order fulfilment specialists! 

Services ranging from the very simple to the complex

Integrate directly with us for a seamless customer experience. We have a wide range of 2 man delivery couriers. 

Our fully automated racking system ensures 100% Accuracy and maximum Efficiency

Working with over 35 couriers, we’ll match your product and customer to the right service

Tailored packing solutions for your subscription box requirements.


Avoid import charges and prevent delays in shipping with our bonded warehouse.

With a variety of ecommerce shopping carts,  we can support your multi-channel selling journey.

2 Man Delivery Service FAQs

A 2 man delivery service is a type of delivery that is often utilised for large or difficult-to-move objects that cannot be handled by one person.

There are many different 2 man delivery companies within the UK that provide a 2 man delivery service. Meteor Space provides the most seamless and quickest 2 man delivery service within Ireland and the UK. 

There are many benefits of outsourcing Meteor Space's 2  man delivery services. One of the key advantages of our 2 man delivery service is our ability to keep the demands on our consumers. It is key to meet the demands of consumers. E-commerce businesses are under pressure to deliver heavy and bulky products door to door on time. Our two-man delivery service assures that you can meet the demand for bulky item delivery quickly. This service is unbeatable compared to other 2 man delivery companies.

Another advantage of 2 man delivery service is their dependability. You will be rested knowing your bulky items will be delivered to your customer in the expected condition. 

Our two man delivery service will be tailored to your requirements and we will create a bespoke solution to ensure business growth. 

Meteor Space is one of the best 2 man delivery companies within the UK and Ireland. 

Our 2 man delivery service is extremely popular for many industries. Many different companies with heavy and awkward stock would outsource 2 man delivery companies.

Companies that stock heavy and bulky items would benefit from 2 man delivery companies. 

The two man delivery service can assist any industry that deals with huge commodities. Due to the bulky nature of their goods, e-commerce and retail suppliers supplying high ticket items like furniture and home appliances generally require 2 guy delivery services. 

 A 2 man delivery service will assist any firm that sells heavy or oddly shaped products. Those who are suffering high rates of damage from single-person deliveries will benefit greatly from our 2 man delivery service. 

Most of us would assume just that when we hear the phrase "White Glove Delivery." White gloves are worn by the delivery driver when handling your products to ensure the utmost care, minimising the possibility of damage occurring during transit, and ensuring that your goods arrive in perfect shape.

The phrase "white glove delivery service" refers to a wide variety of extra services that logistics businesses provide that go above and beyond their standard delivery choices.

Contact us today about our white glove delivery services

Along with our 2 man delivery services, Meteor Space also provides white glove delivery services. 

Our white glove delivery service  is a 2 man service that provides the consumer with additional privileges. The 2 man service can be customised to include white glove delivery service. 

There are a very few 2 man delivery companies that provide White Glove Delivery Service. Meteor Space provides both services. 

Contact us today to find out more about our white glove delivery service!

While white glove delivery services has several advantages for the client who gets the goods, there are just as many advantages for the business hiring the firm to handle the white glove delivery. Due to the superior white glove delivery service involved, they are able to provide the best level of customer service while also lowering their liability and damage guarantee expenses.

You may wow your consumers, provide the type of high quality white glove delivery service they might anticipate with the kinds of things you sell, and continuously monitor how everything is performing by hiring a specialised white glove delivery service.

There are 5 steps within the 2 man delivery service.

  1. The delivery booked/scheduled. Our 2 man delivery service team will contact with an ETA 
  2. Our 2 man delivery service team will send your customer an SMS or email with a notification of your delivery. You will be provided with a 2 hour slot. 
  3. We will provide you with tracking information to allow you to track the full 2 man delivery service. 
  4. Our 2 man delivery service team will contact you half a hour before the delivery to ensure the customer is available.
  5. Our 2 man delivery man will deliver your items 

Yes, you can send furniture with Meteor Space. Outsourcing with 2 man delivery companies is the perfect solution for delivering your bulky and heavy items. 

Yes, you are able to track the overall 2 man delivery service. 

You will be reassured that your bulky items will be securely delivered.

Yes, you will received a time slot for your 2  man delivery service. You will know a rough ETA for the delivery.

At Meteor Space, we provide our 2 man delivery service for a wide range of items. From bulky future to equipment's. 

Contact us with your item enquires and we will provide with a 2 man delivery service. 

We have a large network of 2 man delivery couriers that can serve businesses and customers throughout the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom. Our two-man delivery service makes loading and delivering your items more efficient and secure. By providing next-day delivery, this service is meant to enhance your brand and surpass client expectations.

At Meteor Space, we also provide additional services such as white goods delivery service and bespoke solutions for your company. 

We want to see your business grow therefore you should outsource with Meteor Space over other 2 man delivery companies. 

Yes, our two man delivery service does deliver across the UK. 

Yes, we distribute across the UK thanks to our enormous depot network. We take pride in the relationship we have with our couriers which makes us one of the best one man delivery companies in the UK. 


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