Drop Fulfilment

The online retail landscape is experiencing a major boom, with many business owners making the switch to eCommerce. In 2023, global eCommerce sales amounted to $6.3 trillion, which is expected to reach $8.1 trillion in just three years. With this figure, you can see the significant potential in the online retail sector.

While many big businesses can easily establish themselves online, small businesses often have a hard time finding their place or keeping up with the growing market. Dropshipping has emerged as a convenient way for eCommerce businesses to streamline their order fulfilment and get their products out on time.

Partnering up with a reliable third-party logistics company like Meteor Space can help you cement your place in the world of eCommerce fulfilment. You can focus on growing your business, while we handle packing and delivery. Here’s how Meteor Space can make drop fulfilment easier for you.

What Is Drop Fulfilment?

Drop or drop shipping fulfilment is one of the most common ways eCommerce stores get their products out to customers. Manufacturers partner with a third-party logistics company, so they don’t have to handle the supply chain and delivery process.

In dropshipping, sellers will accept a customer’s order but do not keep their goods in stock. Instead, the stock is placed in a fulfilment warehouse that handles picking, packaging and product delivery.

Fulfilment companies also provide manufacturers with high-quality inventory management tools and software so you can keep track of your goods. Dedicated dropshipping companies are becoming increasingly popular as more businesses set up stores online.

Unfortunately, many of these companies provide poor shipping services, with customers receiving broken or faulty goods. Some dropshipping services also have extremely long shipping times and delays, creating a frustrating experience for your customers.

Subpar service like this can deter customers and hinder your company’s growth. Trusted fulfilment centres like Meteor Space provide dropshipping for any eCommerce store so you can grow your business and keep your customers happy.

How Meteor Space Helps With Drop Fulfilment

With years of experience in order fulfilment and eCommerce dropshipping, Meteor Space knows exactly how to cater to your business needs. As one of the fastest dropshipping fulfilment services, we understand your customer’s expectations and ensure all products reach their destination quickly and without damage.

At Meteor Space, we work with our eCommerce clients to create an attractive package tailored to their company’s needs. This package gives you access to our highly secure and scalable storage facility, state-of-the-art inventory management system, skilled team members and reliable delivery couriers.

Our fulfilment centres are strategically located to provide wide-covering service to any kind of customer. We can get orders out quickly so your customers won’t have to wait too long for their products.

Often, other dropshipping companies carelessly handle products, making them break in transit. Our team members use packaging material according to the type of care each item needs. This ensures that orders arrive damage-free and in good working condition.

Benefits of Using Meteor Space for Drop Fulfilment

Efficient Inventory Management

If your business goes the dropshipping route, you need a partner with excellent inventory management. Meteor Space controls your inventory management, so you won’t have to worry about additional details.

We keep track of your stock levels and quickly replenish low stock without disrupting the supply chain. Our innovative WMS system lets you get all inventory data in real-time, so you’re always in the loop. 

In addition, our clients have access to end-to-end tracking, so you know exactly when your products leave the warehouse and when they reach clients. With all these innovative tools, you can easily streamline the fulfilment process.

Flexible Storage Space Options

At Meteor Space, we understand that each business has unique storage and order processing demands; therefore, we offer adaptable fulfilment. Depending on your order volume, Meteor's storage space offering can be scaled down or up to meet your demands.

Our warehouse boasts over 200,000 square feet of storage space to ensure ample room for any inventory. No matter the size of your eCommerce stores, Meteor 3PL can provide enough space for any client. We can adjust and adapt to your specific requirements, help you grow overall sales and provide your customer with a great shopping experience.

Knowledgable and Friendly Experts

If this is your first time using a dropshipping service, Meteor Space can guide you through the process. Our team members provide quality order fulfilment services and expert advice to help navigate packing and shipping. Our highly trained and knowledgeable team is always available to offer a helping hand when it comes to logistics and inventory.

At Meteor, you will find transparency and complete knowledge of everything that goes behind the scenes to get your order processed. Our experts are available 24/7 to help you manage order fulfilment for business growth while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Custom Packaging

Most dropshipping companies simply store your inventory and deliver the items, but Meteor Space goes the extra mile with our custom packaging feature.

You can create a unique package that fits your brand image and make the unboxing process exciting for consumers. Custom packaging is also a great way to create brand loyalty and retain customers.

Get In Touch

Contact us and we’ll set up a consultation call to discuss all of your fulfilment needs. Our experts will work with you to create a bespoke fulfilment service catered to your business needs


    Here are some frequently asked questions about Meteor Space’s drop fulfilment.

    How Does Meteor Space Take Care Of Product Quality Issues?

    If you’ve had quality issues with previous drop shippers, you have nothing to worry about with Meteor Space. Our experts conduct quality checks before an item is shipped out, ensuring customers are always satisfied with their delivery experience.

    Does Meteor Space Ship Orders To Europe?

    At Meteor Space, we provide shipping all over Europe and the UK. Our fulfilment centre is strategically located in Northern Ireland, giving us better access to European countries.

    What eCommerce Platforms Can I Integrate With Meteor Space?

    eCommerce and Meteor Space’s fulfilment services go hand in hand. We offer integrations with several online shopping platforms, including Shopify, WooCommercce and Magneto, just to name a few. You can also connect popular platforms like eBay and Amazon with Meteor Space.

    Does Meteor Space Provide Sustainable Packaging?

    Sustainability is at the core of Meteor Space. Our green fulfilment specialists can provide low-waste, environmentally friendly packaging options to align with our client’s values. We also aim to use as many paper alternatives as possible to maintain the goal of being a green fulfilment company.

    How Will I Know When My Stock Is Low?

    Our WMS software at Meteor Space lets you set up alerts for when your stock is low. You can also manage your order and inventory from anywhere.