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Meteor Space offer a range of order fulfilment services, all tailored to meet your requirements.

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Welcome to Meteor Space Warehousing & Order Fulfillment Service

At Meteor Space we combine the latest in warehouse technology, automation and safety with cutting-edge IT solutions that allow you to streamline your business.

We help B2C and B2B businesses – no matter what the size. Are you someone who wants focus your energy on your blossoming E-commerce business? We have you covered. Or, perhaps you’re looking to cut overheads and improve your service level? If so, we have a range of fulfilment services available for you.

We Specialise in Handling Your Product – and We’ve Been in the Space for Years!

At Meteor Space we consider ourselves part of your business team and we ensure our services are fully scalable. We understand that in today’s demanding business world flexibility is key – so when your business needs change, we can help adjust so you still get incredible service that keeps you and your customers happy.

Our dedicated team have a wealth of experience in fulfilment and logistics and are highly-trained and knowlegable. We can offer advice on all aspects of logistics and which services will suit your businesses needs. So, call us today for a chat or fill out the contact form and one of our team will be happy to help you as your first choice order fulfillment company in Ireland and Europe.


“A top class service from a top class company”

Donagh Kelly

“A consistent and reliable service guaranteed”

Terrance Donnelly


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