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You’ve got a business to run, and there’s nothing more frustrating than not having enough time to do the things that make your business thrive. That’s where Meteor Space comes in. We offer a full range of services designed to help you focus on what matters most: growing your company and providing value for your customers.

At Meteor Space, we operate one of the largest 3PL fulfillment centres in Ireland—we’ve got a warehouse that is spread across 200,000 square feet and ready to handle all of your order fulfilment needs. We offer pick-and-pack services, inventory management, custom packaging options, fast and accurate order delivery, safe and secure storage, unfettered access to the UK and Europe…and even the most advanced warehouse management software! 

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Meteor Space: The Best Fulfilment Centre Ireland-Based Businesses Can Team Up With

Meteor Space is the premier 3PL and fulfilment service centre Northern Ireland has. We offer an extensive range of services to help you get the order fulfilment you need to grow your business.

As the top fulfilment centre Northern Ireland-based businesses have been using for years, we have a warehouse that spreads across 200,000 square feet, so we can manage all your inventory management needs with ease. We also provide pick and pack services, so we can handle all aspects of order delivery from start to finish—including custom packaging and safe storage.

With our fast and accurate order delivery service, your customers will be impressed by how quickly they get their orders! And with unfettered access to the UK and Europe, we can ship anywhere in Europe with ease.

We’ve designed our warehouse management software with ease of use in mind, so you can focus on growing your business instead of worrying about logistics! 

All of these things mean one thing: increased efficiency and productivity for your business. With us by your side, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your company—not sorting orders or fulfilling them yourself! And we can guarantee that this will increase customer satisfaction as well as get you on track with streamlining multi-channel order fulfilment while reducing overheads and expenses

Get the order fulfilment with our fulfillment centre Ireland you need to grow your business.

Services That Make Us The Leading Fulfillment Centre Northern Ireland

Ireland-based businesses that are looking to grow their business need to focus on the right things like sales and marketing strategies—not on order fulfilment. At Meteor Space, we believe that your time is better spent growing your business than sorting through shipping labels and packing orders. That’s why we offer comprehensive 3PL services, including:


Conventional and traditional warehousing and storage does not have to be the only option for your business. At Meteor Space’s irish fulfillment service centre, we offer temperature-controlled storage, specially designed to protect your products from the elements. Our 200,000 square-foot warehouse is equipped with a sophisticated fire alarm system and other essential security systems. We also offer various storage options, including pallet storage. Our warehousing services include short and long-term warehousing and we can help you send your products directly to your customers.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is essential for any business, whether it is large or small. Effective inventory management can increase the success of your business and improve your end result. As the leading fulfilment service centre Ireland-based businesses have, Meteor Space offers a range of inventory management services to help you effectively manage your inventory. We provide you with the tools you need to ensure that your inventory is properly monitored and that your products are delivered to your customers as quickly as possible. We’ll help you track and manage your inventory so you can focus on what matters most: selling your products!

Fast And Accurate Order Delivery 

Meteor Space can guarantee you fast and accurate order completion, so you can focus on growing your business. Fast and accurate delivery is one of the most important aspects of any business, whether online or offline. If you do not deliver orders to your customers on time, they will not return to buy again from your business. Therefore, a partnership with Meteor Space, the best fulfilment service centre Northern Ireland has, with proven records of timely fulfillment of customer orders, can be of immense value for your business.

Custom Packaging 

One of the most important elements of your business is your packaging. Always remember: your packaging is the first impression you make on your customers, and it’s the first thing they normally touch and feel from your store, especially if you are an online business. This is the first step to building brand reputation and image, and creating a positive emotional connection with your customers. With our customized packaging services, you can build stronger, long-term relationships with buyers and potential customers.

Safe And Secure Storage 

Security is a major issue for businesses today, especially when it comes to warehouse outsourcing and storing inventory. That’s why our fulfillment centre Ireland provide solutions for your business that help control your inventory and protect it against theft or damage. From 24/7 surveillance to serialization and inventory management, we offer a complete solution to meet your needs. We work with you to determine the best solution for your specific situation so that you can keep your inventory safe. Our warehouse supervision also helps us maintain 100% transparency in all our operations with our clients. 

Unfettered Access To The UK And Europe 

Businesses anywhere in the world will never feel restricted or bound when working with Meteor Space’s irish fulfilment service centre. As the first-choice fulfilment service centre Ireland-based businesses have, we know that your reach is one of the most important aspects of your business growth. Which is why we provide you with unrestricted access to the UK and European markets. With our help, you can reach your customers in many countries and accelerate the growth of your business. Work with Meteor Space and make sure you don’t miss out on opportunities to grow your business!

Affordable Prices 

At Meteor Space, we offer high-quality solutions at affordable rates. With the development of e-commerce and the ability to sell products and services to customers around the world, companies need to find reliable shipping companies that can ship products and services at affordable prices. As a leading fulfillment center Ireland and the UK has, we can offer all logistics and distribution services at a reasonable price.

Smart Software Solutions 

Our warehouse management software is a comprehensive system that manages your fulfillment process. It shows you where all your products are, such as their location, progress, and status. You can use it to manage your staff, track inventory, and schedule shipments. Our WMS allows you to optimize your workflow for the execution of all orders. Meteor Space provides all clients with our warehouse management software, Canary7, to help you save money and time by streamlining the entire supply chain. 

Excellent Customer Support

Our customer service at our fulfillment centre Ireland is always excellent, and that’s a massive part of what makes our 3PL so popular. We are proud of our customer service and we try to make our clients happy every chance we get. We want to make sure they get what they want and that they are taken care of. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have and ensure that you are completely satisfied with the response you receive. You can contact our professional staff and customer support team and directly get answers to any questions you may have.

Our Fulfilment Process

Here are the steps we take as the leading fulfilment service centre Northern Ireland-based businesses have been relying on for years. 

Step 1: Processing Orders

All orders are processed as soon as they are placed in your store or any additional sales channel. Meteor Space ensures that all details are always correct and follows the order fulfillment strategy. Order processing is completed using our advanced warehouse management software. With our technology, we automate most transactions for your various sales and marketing channels, making tracking multiple channels easier than ever. Adequate order processing is an important part of our fulfillment process because it helps us manage all orders properly. We process all orders using our advanced software solutions to ensure that all order slips are created correctly and without errors, so we can avoid any hiccups when completing orders and shipping them to your customers.

Step 2: Picking Orders

Meteor Space has many years of experience with warehousing and picking the right items to complete orders. Our staff ensures that all items are selected accurately and in accordance with the order. Our warehouse workers use the order slip to take items from your inventory that we store in our fulfillment centre Ireland. Choosing the right items is an important part of the order completion process for your business. After issuing the order slip, our warehouse specialists will pick all the items and check them again before packing. We ensure that your customers receive accurate orders and maintain satisfaction through our top-notch services.

Step 3: Packing Orders

After everything is collected for the order, our expert warehouse staff will take them to our packing station to take one of the next steps in the fulfillment process and complete the order. Our fulfillment centre Ireland uses the most advanced technology for our packing stations, which also helps us automate most of the process. Here at Meteor Space, we always use the highest quality packing materials and ensure that all orders are safe and secure. With our packaging services, there is no risk of damage being done to goods during transport. We provide customized packaging for your business and help you display elements of your brand in the best possible way.

Step 4: Shipping Orders

Shipping is one of the most important aspects of your fulfillment strategy and order fulfillment process. If your delivery is not on time for each order, your customers will feel disappointed and they will be less likely to buy from your business again. Meteor Space delivers the best shipping and delivery solutions at affordable prices and helps keep your customers satisfied. Meteor Space works with the world's leading carriers and shipping services, providing you with affordable and quick transportation of goods. We understand the importance of receiving orders on time and help you provide your customers with the best shipping and delivery experience.

Step 5: Managing Returns

To ensure that your logistics and fulfillment strategy works for your business, you must take appropriate steps to manage your returned orders. Managing returns can be time consuming and you need to focus on other aspects of your business. To ensure that processing returns does not hinder your success, Meteor Space manages it for you. As the leading fulfilment service centre Ireland and UK has, we will take all adequate steps to ensure that your returned items do not drain any revenue. Our employees have years of experience in managing returns and we inspect and repair all returned items. Once the items have been processed, we will add them back to your inventory as soon as possible. We also help you reduce the rate of returns by providing safe shipping and ensuring that your customers do not receive damaged items.

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Are you looking for a 3PL fulfilment service centre Ireland has that can handle your orders with speed and accuracy?

Meteor Space is the ultimate fulfilment centre Ireland-based businesses need. With a warehouse spreading across 200,000 square feet, we are able to handle all your order fulfillment needs. Our warehouse management software allows us to process orders quickly, accurately and efficiently. 

We pick and pack your orders safely and securely, as well as customised packaging if required. We provide safe and secure storage for your inventory in case of any unforeseen delays in shipping.

We also offer fast and affordable shipping options at our irish fulfilment service centre to help you get your products to your customers faster. By outsourcing your order fulfilment to Meteor Space, you will be able to focus on growing your business without having to worry about managing warehouses or dealing with inventory management issues.

With years of experience in this industry, we have perfected our processes so that we can offer unmatched efficiency and productivity at an affordable cost.

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    Fulfilment Centre Northern Ireland / Ireland FAQs

    Meteor Space is the best fulfilment centre Northern Ireland has because it is the most trusted fulfillment provider in Northern Ireland. With years of experience, our irish fulfilment centre has the expertise and innovation to empower you with the best logistics solution to meet your business needs. Our international network of carriers and state of the art facility provides a range of services which are tailored to meet specific customer requirements. 

    We know it is important for you to be able to create a successful, on-demand fulfilment service to support your growing business. We also know that making this happen is not an easy task. We want to be your fulfilment partner for whenever you need it. As the best fulfilment centre Ireland and Northern Ireland-based businesses have, Meteor Space can help you create a fulfilment solution that meets your needs, both now and in the future. We can provide flexible fulfilment services to service the changing needs of your business.

    When you outsource your order fulfilment to Meteor Space, you're getting access to one of Northern Ireland's largest and most modern warehouses. Our warehouse spans 200,000 square feet and is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that will help you find what you need in a matter of seconds.

    We offer pick and pack services so that we can handle all of your products with care and precision. We also offer custom packaging, so that you can ensure the safety of your products as they make their way through the world. And if there's anything else we can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask! 

    Ireland and UK-based businesses are often searching for the perfect fulfilment centre. What you need to know is that a fulfillment center is a warehouse where companies send their products to be stored and shipped to their customers. This could either be in the form of online retailers shipping their products out to customers, or manufacturers shipping out their products to retailers.

    Ireland and Northern Ireland-based businesses often underestimate how fulfillment centers can help reduce overheads. It is important to understand that even if teaming up with the best fulfilment centre Northern Ireland has can seem like a costly investment in the beginning, the cost should be weighed against the cost-savings it provides. Overhead costs are reduced by not having to have warehouse space for all your inventory, which can be expensive.  

    The costs that are generally associated with having a warehouse are truly eliminated, such as: utilities, labor and maintenance, as well as insurance and security costs. If you are shipping goods to all parts of the world, fulfillment centers are your best bet. You can also forget about needing a huge inventory, as you can just purchase and keep everything in stock that’s needed for your company.

    Order fulfillment is the process of receiving a customer’s order, processing the order and preparing it for shipment to the customer.  Once the order is received by the company, the company then notifies the customer of its receipt and lets the customer know that the merchandise is ready for delivery. Order fulfillment is a critical part of the business cycle.  


    Without an effective order fulfillment process, a business cannot complete the cycle of the business. The order fulfillment process is important to the success of any business, whether online or offline, because it is the process that creates customer satisfaction and builds customer loyalty. 


    Meteor Space is the top 3PL and fulfilment centre Northern Ireland has and we can help you automate your order fulfillment process from start to finish. We provide top-notch solutions and handle everything, including warehousing, inventory management, picking and packing, shipping, and much more, making us the best fulfilment centre Ireland and Northern Ireland-based businesses can team up with. 

    A 3PL (Third Party Logistics ) is not just a fulfillment center, however, they often offer fulfilment services. Meteor Space is the leading 3PL and fulfilment centre Northern Ireland has. It is important to understand that a 3PL like Meteor Space is a supply chain service provider which provides warehousing, distribution and transportation. 


    Warehousing is the function of providing storage space and should not be confused with fulfillment. Fulfillment is the process of sending products from the warehouse to customers. Fulfillment is a subset of logistics and is important because it is the last step in the supply chain. The third party logistics provider is responsible for the warehouse and logistics part, and if it is a top 3PL like Meteor Space, it can also be responsible for the fulfillment part.