Nutraceutical Fulfilment Services

What does Nutraceutical mean?

Nutraceutical refers to products that have added health benefits. Vitamins, supplements, energy bars, anti-ageing cosmetics, protein powder, and other nutraceutical items are among them.

Nutraceutical items have become increasingly popular over the past couple of years as there is a huge demand for nutraceutical items.

Nutraceutical Fulfillment Explained:

So, what is nutraceutical fulfillment?

Meteor Space provides warehousing and nutraceutical fulfillment services to help nutraceutical brands’ warehousing operations to be more organized and proactive to meet the shifting market demands.

The nutraceutical fulfillment process involves four steps to ensure seamless fulfillment. The process involves warehouse storage, selecting, packaging, and dispatching nutraceutical items to the customer. As the nutraceutical industry is growing, As the nutraceutical industry is growing and the product inventory levels will continue to fluctuate.  Therefore, businesses must have an eCommerce nutraceutical fulfillment strategy in place.

At Meteor Space, our warehousing and fulfillment team specializes in the following products to ensure they are stored securely and safely:

  • Energy bars
  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Supplements
  • Skincare Items
  • Pet health supplements
  • Fitness and bodybuilding supplements
  • Herbal Products

Our Nutraceutical Fulfilment Services:

FDA rules and nutraceutical providers impose certain standards on nutraceutical fulfillment centers. As your nutraceutical fulfillment solutions, we have our WMS to allow us to achieve the following:

  • Real-Time Inventory Tracking

It is a requirement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to track nutraceutical inventory in nutraceutical fulfillment. At Meteor Space, we have an in-house warehouse management system (WMS) with real-time inventory traceability. Our WMS allows our warehouse team to track inventory. The purpose of the system is to allow our team to report on where the nutraceutical products are stored, how many nutraceutical orders have been fulfilled, and maintain an accurate inventory count within the warehouse.

  • Assembly and Kitting Solutions

We offer kitting and assembly solutions for nutraceutical products. Our team is fully skilled and knowledgeable to mix inventory units to create kitting solutions. We are able to track them in real-time with our WMS to enhance efficiency.

Labeling and customized packaging are included in our kitting services to meet the needs of your customers.

  • Pick and Packing Services:

At our fast-paced pick-and-pack facility, our warehouse experts provide cost-effective picking and packing options for your nutraceutical items. Our nutraceutical fulfillment process is designed to quickly locate pickup locations to speed up the pick and pack process and ensure that each order is picked and packaged as quickly as possible for your customers.

Nutraceutical Fulfilment Services


Our extensive range of transportation services will take your business to the next level. Our experts specialize in nutraceutical fulfillment services understand the obstacles of shipping nutraceuticals but with our real-time tracking system and delivery service, we provide next-day delivery for nutraceutical products throughout the Island of Ireland.

  • Climate-Controlled Product Storage

We provide the best climate-controlled storage options to ensure your nutraceutical products are stored at an acceptable temperature. Nutraceutical items need to be stored in a controlled environment to ensure safe storage therefore, at Meteor Space we keep constant control of temperature and humidity to ensure the protection of nutraceutical products.

Our Nutraceutical Fulfilment service will assist in helping your business scale throughout the year. We provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for nutraceutical fulfillment providing your brand with clean, temperature-controlled storage and a wide range of pick and packing services. We enhance customer expectations by providing accurate and reliable delivery services.

Challenges of Nutraceutical Fulfillment

You must not only adhere to specific legal and regulatory criteria when selling nutraceuticals; you also need to take into account some difficulties with direct-to-consumer fulfilment.

Challenge 1: Order Accuracy

Human mistake is always possible when processing hundreds of orders each month, which might result in the shipment of incorrect orders. Sometimes customers receive the wrong items because they were chosen improperly. Other occasions, a package could be sent to the incorrect address. Due to this, there are more customer care concerns and there are many returns and exchanges.

A 3PL like Meteor Space may dramatically increase order accuracy for your nutraceutical fulfillment.

Challenge 2: Meeting the Demands of Customers

Customers expect speedy delivery therefore, expect next-day delivery. Customers will resort to other companies or marketplaces like Amazon if your company is taking too long to send goods since these locations offer faster delivery at lower prices.

Outsourcing Meteor Space’s Nutraceutical Fulfillment services, we would be able to provide you with quick and secure delivery. Our extensive range of couriers leaves you spoiled for choice for the quickest and competitive courier.

Challenge 3: Problems in shipping dietary supplements

Before shipment, the appropriate goods must be carefully packaged in order to prevent damage during transportation while delivering nutraceuticals. To avoid paying too much for delivery, you must also optimise the package for dimensional weight.

If your items are inexpensive, you could also want to think about product bundling or experiment with giving free delivery with a minimum purchase in order to raise your average order value (AOV) and reduce your expenditures.

How Meteor Space will help grow your Nutraceutical Business

Meteor Space offers nutraceutical fulfillment solutions that can help nutraceutical brands, such as yours, thrive and grow:

Advanced Warehouse Management System:

We have designed superior technology at Meteor Space that allows us to conduct our complete nutraceutical fulfillment process efficiently – and it’s all for the advantage of our nutraceutical fulfillment process. We can automate more with this expanded connection throughout the network, from our merchant and seller-facing dashboard to our warehouse management system.

When it comes to operational efficiency and capabilities, we have a huge advantage over our competitors when it comes to choosing and packaging things, tracking inventories in real-time, and establishing the most efficient and cost-effective delivery routes.

Our Warehouse team is Available 24/7:

Our one-of-a-kind approach and connection with customers give us a 360-degree perspective of their operations, allowing us to drive the continual development of your nutraceutical fulfillment. We provide nutraceutical solutions for your business to help your business expand and thrive. Our nutraceutical fulfillment team will pick, pack and dispatch your orders while providing your customers with tracking information.
We’re always available, and we’re invested in your company’s success.

Scalable Digital Partner

We take care of the nutraceutical fulfillment so you can focus on other aspects of your business and expand your brand. Flexibility is essential so that we can alter and adapt to match your nutraceutical fulfillment needs and overall sales growth.

Meteor Space offers you Nutraceutical Fulfillment Solutions

Our nutraceutical fulfillment service at Meteor Space takes care of everything from storage to customer service. We can integrate your online store and other sales channels with our WMS  and transmit your nutraceutical product inventory to any of our global fulfillment centers. We want to handle the full nutraceutical fulfillment service, allowing you a quick, efficient, and cost-effective nutraceutical fulfillment solution.

Contact us today to find out more about our nutraceutical fulfillment services.

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