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Outsource Shopify fulfillment and watch your business thrive

Creating a Shopify store for your business is not enough to succeed. You need to team up with a leading Shopify fulfillment service to make sure your customers receive their orders on time. Order fulfillment is the most crucial aspect of your ecommerce store, and we are here to help! 

You can trust Meteor Space with all your Shopify fulfillment needs. From receiving orders, picking and packing, to delivering them to your customers; Meteor Space is the best Shopify Fulfillment UK and EU has to offer! 

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What Is Shopify?

Shopify has become the world’s leading ecommerce platform. From beginners to expert online store owners; everyone is using Shopify for their business. It is a brilliant platform you can use to build your store and sell online. 

Shopify offers users countless website building features, making it simple and straightforward for everyone to use. This ecommerce platform provides you with the tools you need to start and promote your business . It offers multiple plans and you can use the one that fits your needs the best. 

What Is Shopify Fulfillment?

Building your Shopify website, making it look appealing for your target audience, using the right content to make it rank and increase visibility, these are all just the basics. When it comes to the success of your store, Shopify fulfillment is the most important aspect. 

If your Shopify store is successful and you are receiving a high volume of orders every day, fulfilling them can be a challenge. Outsourcing Shopify fulfillment is the best option for your business. 

So, what is Shopify fulfillment really

The entire process, from the moment you receive orders for your Shopify store till the moment the order is delivered to the customer is order fulfillment. It comprises various steps and tasks that need to be completed, ensuring your customer has the best experience. 

Expert Shopify fulfillment providers like Meteor Space can help you carry out order fulfillment for your business. We connect to your online shop, receive and process orders, store your inventory for you, pick and pack orders, ship them to your customers, and handle all returns. 

Meteor Space Provides End-To-End Shopify Fulfillment Solutions

Meteor Space is top Shopify fulfillment UK and Europe has to offer. We take care of the entire order fulfillment for you, so you don’t have to worry about a single thing! Our affordable shipping rates and accurate order deliveries leave your customers feeling satisfied and increase their loyalty to your brand. 

Our state-of-the-art warehousing and fulfillment center is located in Northern Ireland, providing our clients with unfettered access to the UK and EU markets. We help you increase the reach of your Shopify customers. 

Our team of experts working in the warehouse ensure every order is picked and packed accurately, giving your customers no chance to complain. Here at Meteor Space, we understand that Shopify fulfillment is the backbone of your online business, and we do everything we can to ensure your success!

Once you connect your Shopify store with Meteor Space, we handle every order from start to finish. With years of Shopify fulfillment experience, we even know how to make the most out of returns. We process returns and make sure they are returned back to your inventory after inspection. 

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Benefits Of Using Meteor Space For Shopify Fulfillment

From conventional orders to custom orders, Shopify fulfillment can be of various types. You need a fulfillment partner that can cater to your needs, and Meteor Space can be that partner! We understand how crucial it is for you to exceed customer expectations and meet demands. 

Lower Costs For Shipping

Shopify store owners often think outsourcing their fulfillment will only increase their expenses, but not if you choose Meteor Space as your Shopify fulfillment partner. 3PL companies like us can help you save money in various areas like shipping. 

Over the years, we have built robust relations with carriers, and can provide you with affordable shipping rates. We work with numerous carriers, and choose the ones offering the best rates for your orders. 

The money you save from shipping can be invested in different aspects of your business. Meteor Space aims to provide our clients with lower costs and quick delivery, ensuring your customers keep coming back to your business for more. 

Focus On Your Business

Perhaps the greatest benefit of working with us: you can focus on growing your business and have the resources to adjust to the times. Most of the time, order fulfillment can become a hassle for businesses to carry out on their own, and we understand that. 

Especially when you scale your business and have to complete multiple fulfillment, Shopify stores can struggle. Meteor Space can fulfill orders on your behalf. From the first step till the last, we provide end-to-end solutions, so you have the time and resources to focus on selling more. 

With Meteor Space doing the heavy lifting for you, you are free to work on other important aspects of your Shopify store. You can develop better, stronger marketing strategies, focus on your sales, and improve design and aesthetics of your products while we fulfill orders on your behalf. 

Lower Operating Costs

Self-fulfillment can become a challenging task, especially if you are using various sales channels and require multiple fulfillment. Shopify fulfillment with Meteor Space can help lower your operating costs and save money for your business. 

As a Shopify store owner, you need extra manpower and resources to fulfill orders and make sure your carriers are delivering orders on time. You also have to purchase or rent warehouses for your growing inventory. Self-fulfillment can be costly for you. 

Meteor Space can stop your operating costs from skyrocketing. We store your inventory for you and ship orders on your store’s behalf, cutting your expenses by half. Outsourcing your Shopify fulfillment to Meteor Space can help you reduce overheads and save money. 

Expand Your Store’s Reach

When running an ecommerce store, reaching as many customers as you can is essential for your business. If your Shopify warehouse locations are not ideal and delivering to customers in diverse locations is expensive and time-consuming, Meteor Space can help you out. 

We are considered one of the best Shopify fulfillment UK and Europe has to offer for a reason. Our ideal warehouse location makes it quick and affordable for businesses located in the UK to deliver to Europe and vice versa. Located in Northern Ireland, we can help you reach customers in the UK, Europe, and Ireland

Your Shopify store can only be successful when you are able to extend your reach. With Meteor Space, you get efficient Shopify fulfillment anywhere you want. You don’t have to worry about how much shipping will cost you and which times are ideal. 

We can take care of that while you focus on growing your business!

Streamlined Operations

Not only do we handle your warehousing and Shopify fulfillment needs, we also provide you with the best technology and warehouse management solutions. We know how difficult it can be to manage all processes, which is why our bespoke warehouse management software can relieve your stress. 

Our WMS enables you to track your inventory and keep an eye on all operations. We aim to provide you with 360-degree visibility when it comes to your Shopify fulfillment. Our system integrates with your ecommerce store, making it easy for you to have insight into the core aspects of your back office. 

Meteor Space and our warehouse management software, Canary7, can help you streamline all your order fulfillment processes. All your information is stored in one place, making it more accessible for you. It also enables you to create accurate inventory forecasts, making sure you never have to deal with stockouts. 

Happier, Satisfied Customers

Customer happiness and satisfaction depends on the experience you offer them. If they don’t receive accurate orders on time, it is less likely that they purchase from you again. Your customers are your priority, and Meteor Space understands that. Our clients are our priority too! 

Our excellent Shopify fulfillment services help you provide your customers with the best experience possible. When you outsource your order fulfillment to us, you have more time and resources to spend on making your customers happy by developing brilliant marketing and sales strategies. 

We carry out regular and custom order fulfillment. Shopify store owners can increase the loyalty of their customers to their brand with our help. We know the goal of your business is to make your customers happy with your service, and we handle your Shopify fulfillment, so you can focus on achieving your goal. 

Our Shopify Fulfillment Process

Step 1: Receiving Orders

Once you have connected Meteor Space with your Shopify store, we receive any orders placed with you automatically. You don’t have to worry about forwarding order details to us, we get them directly. As soon as the order is received and processed, it is sent to our warehouse operatives, and they start preparing it.

Step 2: Picking

Your customer’s order is processed and received by our warehouse staff. They check the details of the order and head to your inventory to pick the items required. Our warehouse operatives ensure all products they pick are accurate. From regular orders to custom order fulfillment, Shopify services offered by Meteor Space are all-encompassing.

Step 3: Packing

Once all the items for an order have been picked, our warehouse professionals start packing the order. We use high-quality packing material to ensure the products are safe and secure. Our packaging ensures your customers don’t get damaged goods. We also offer custom packaging, ensuring your logo and branding elements are front and center.

Step 4: Shipping

Meteor Space works with some of the top carriers and makes sure your customers receive their orders on time. Once the order has been packed, we ship it out, so it reaches your customer as fast as possible. We offer same-day shipping for orders placed.

Step 5: Managing Returns

You don’t need Shopify returns app to manage returns expertly. Here at Meteor Space, we handle any returns as a part of your Shopify fulfillment process. We inspect all returned items and process them quickly to return them to your inventory.

Why You Should Use Meteor Space For Shopify Fulfillment

Our vast array of features and services make Meteor Space the best choice for your Shopify fulfillment. 

Inventory Management

Inventory management requires you to monitor stock levels, replenish inventory, and use data for accurate inventory forecasting. It can be a massive task, requiring a lot of man hours. Meteor Space manages your inventory for you so you have one less thing to worry about!

Our warehouse management software also enables you to keep track of your stock levels and orders. We have experienced warehouse operatives who look after your stock and ensure everything is going smoothly. 


Meteor Space provides warehousing for our clients. When you outsource your Shopify fulfillment to us, we store your inventory for us. Our state-of-the-art warehousing and fulfillment center spreads across 200,000 square feet, ensuring there is enough space for all our clients. 

Storing your inventory in our warehouse makes your Shopify fulfillment process more efficient, and it helps you lower your storage expenses. 

Custom Packaging

Meteor Space offers custom packaging for your Shopify fulfillment. We are well-equipped to handle routine and custom order fulfillment. Shopify store owners want to provide a special unboxing experience for their customers, and we can provide that for you. Custom packaging helps you increase your brand visibility, and lets you show your customer your brand elements. 

Fast And Affordable Shipping

Your customers want nothing more than fast and affordable delivery, and we are here to provide it! Meteor Space works with the top carriers, ensuring your customers are always satisfied with the delivery times. We understand how crucial it is to get your orders to your customers accurately and fast, and we can do it for you. 

Advanced Technology

Meteor Space has to offer the most advanced warehouse management software for our clients. Our WMS enables you to keep an eye on your inventory and create accurate forecasts. You can use our WMS to track Shopify fulfillment and get details on the status of the orders placed. With our warehouse management technology, Meteor Space allows you complete visibility regarding the Shopify order fulfillment process. 

24/7 Security

Security and safety of your inventory is one of our top priorities. Meteor Space stores your inventory in our protected warehousing facility, guarded with 24/7 surveillance. If anything ever goes wrong, you can always access the security tapes and know what happened. Meteor Space aims to provide our clients with complete transparency and build trusting relationships. 

Other Special Services

We are not just a warehousing and Shopify fulfillment provider for your business. We provide various other special services, ensuring your business shines in every way possible. Along with special packaging, Meteor Space also offers kitting, omnichannel fulfillment and assembly for custom order fulfillment. Shopify store owners can rest easy knowing we are here to provide solutions for all their needs. 

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  • Packaging and shipping orders take up most of your time and resources
  • There is not enough storage space for you to keep and manage your inventory
  • You want to provide your customers with the best experience when it comes to delivery speeds
  • You are looking for affordable shipping rates and fast delivery
  • You need affordable shipping rates and fast delivery speeds

Well, then the choice is clear: get started with Meteor Space’s Shopify fulfillment today!

Meteor Space can provide you with the best Shopify fulfillment services at affordable rates. We store your inventory and ensure your customers always receive orders on time. With our help, you can focus on growing your business and making your customers happy. 

When it comes to Shopify fulfillment, there is no right or wrong time. The right time is always now, so get a quote to get started on your journey with Meteor Space!

Shopify Fulfillment FAQs

Yes, Meteor Space offers Shopify fulfillment for your ecommerce business. You can connect your Shopify store with us and let us handle all your order fulfillment processes. We offer end-to-end Shopify fulfillment solutions to our clients.

Yes, Meteor Space has a team of experienced warehouse operatives who complete custom order fulfillment. Shopify fulfillment with Meteor Space means we handle the kitting and assembly of special orders for your ecommerce business. 

Yes, Meteor Space integrates with your Shopify store. Once connected with your store, we carry out Shopify fulfillment for all your orders on your behalf. We use advanced technology, enabling us to receive orders your customers place and provide you with inventory tracking solutions. 

Outsourcing your Shopify fulfillment can be beneficial for your business. It takes away the load of order fulfillment from you and enables you to focus on sales and business growth. Outsourcing Shopify fulfillment to 3PL services like Meteor Space is affordable and efficient. 

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