It’s an exciting time to run an online business. In 2017 over 87% of UK households made at least one online purchase, and the UK is now second only to Norway in the whole of Europe for Ecommerce purchases.

If you’ve been growing your Ecommerce business and have found the next big product or service, the potential for exponential growth is huge. But making sales online is only one part of the process. Successfully fulfilling all your orders and having a fast and reliable process is absolutely vital to keeping your business growing and performing well.

Because very few home businesses have the resources to run their own warehousing, it makes perfect sense to outsource this vital part of your business to an experienced company such as Meteor Space.

We offer a number of benefits that can help your home-based businesses fulfil your orders.

1. Cost-Effective Warehouse Storage for Your Growing Inventory

Expanding your business and meeting increased demand for your products will mean increasing your inventory. It’s vital at this stage that you have a trustworthy storage space that can hold a full range of stock so you can offer quick turnaround times. However, space can be costly, especially if the space you need fluctuates as your business changes.

Order fulfilment companies like Meteor Space will only charge you for the amount of storage you use. This means that rather than paying large fixed costs for space you may or may not use each month, you only pay a variable cost in line with the space you are actually using.

Being able to vary your costs and streamline them with your unique business needs can save you money as well as taking the pressure off constantly planning for overheads that you might not even be using at different times throughout the year.

2. Professional Order Fulfilment from Specialist Staff

A well-rounded order fulfilment process ensures that your customers get the best possible experience with your company – from the moment they order, to the moment their item arrives. A smooth and hassle-free experience increases customer loyalty and will help you get those all important positive reviews.

Logistics can be difficult to get right, which is why a dedicated team of experienced professionals can be a life-saver for your business. Employing and training staff is expensive for any business, but when you are working from home it’s a cost that makes little sense. Using a specialist order fulfilment company means access to their trained and experienced staff – without having to fork out for their training and salary costs.

3. State of The Art Technology

State of the art technology requires heavy investment. A professional order fulfilment company will use the most up to date technology, and because their business is focused on the best processes they will have the latest and most effective systems in place. Using a company like Meteor Space will ensure that you get the benefits of this technology without incurring the associated capital costs.

One example of this is the ability to fully integrate your website with our IT services – letting you access your orders online and having them picked, packed and dispatched at the touch of a button.

All these features are just part of the reason why choosing a fulfilment company like Meteor Space could be one of the smartest business decisions you make in 2018. Contact us today to discover how we can help you.

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