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Importing goods can be a great way to expand your business, but upfront customs duties and VAT payments can strain your cash flow and slow things down. Enter the world of customs bonded warehouse – a secure and strategic storage solution that can revolutionize your import process.

What is a Customs Bonded Warehouse?

A customs bonded warehouse is a secure storage facility controlled by customs where imported products intended for export can be held without entering the UK market. This allows businesses to defer payment of import duty and VAT until the goods are sold or exported, effectively creating a duty-free zone while the products are stored.

Why Use a Custom Bonded Warehouse?

Custom bonded warehouses are customs-controlled facilities that offer significant benefits for your business:

  • Improved Cash Flow: Imagine deferring import duties and VAT by up to 90%! With a bonded warehouse, you only pay these fees when goods are sold domestically or leave the warehouse. This frees up significant capital, allowing you to invest in other areas of your business.
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Reduce delivery times by up to 50% by strategically storing inventory in a bonded warehouse closer to your customer base. This translates to faster fulfillment, happier customers, and a competitive edge in the market.
  • Long-Term Storage: Build strategic relationships with local vendors and gain more time to complete paperwork by utilizing bonded warehouses for long-term storage.
  • Safe and Secure Storage: Meteor Space employs 24/7 CCTV surveillance and access control systems to ensure your inventory is safe and secure within our bonded warehouse. Our meticulous documentation, inspection, and audit procedures further guarantee the quality and integrity of your products.

Types of Custom Bonded Warehouses

Custom bonded warehouses come in two main types, each catering to different storage needs:

Dry Custom Bonded Warehouse:

  • Stores items such as eCommerce products, packaging, food, drinks, raw materials, and other non-excise goods.
  • Primarily used for tariffed and VAT-exempt imported items.

Wet Custom Bonded Warehouse:

  • Specifically for storing alcohol, tobacco, and other excise goods.
    Duty on these commodities can be deferred until the point of sale or export.

Benefits of Custom Bonded Warehouses

Improved Cash Flow:

Custom bonded warehouses enhance business cash flow by deferring import duties and VAT until goods are sold or leave the warehouse.
No upfront payment is required, allowing businesses to manage their finances more effectively.

Long-Term Storage:

  • Provides long-term storage options, enabling businesses to build strategic relationships with local vendors and comply with regulatory standards at their own pace.
  • Offers various storage solutions, including pallet storage, to ensure the safety of products.

Enhanced Customer Service:

  • Allows businesses to stock items in anticipation of demand, ensuring quicker delivery times and a better overall customer experience.
    Meteor Space guarantees prompt delivery with next-day service and careful handling to maintain product quality.

Safe and Secure Storage:

  • At Meteor Space, we ensure the highest level of security with 24/7 CCTV and access control systems.
  • Regular inspections and audits maintain the quality and safety of stored products, ensuring they are delivered to customers in excellent condition.

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Take advantage of the numerous benefits offered by custom bonded warehouses. Whether you need secure storage during customs processing or want to prepare for future demand, Meteor Space is here to help. Contact us today to discover how our custom bonded warehouse solutions can add value to your business.


What are the costs associated with bonded warehouses?

  • Storage fees vary depending on the size and quantity of your goods. Meteor Space offers competitive rates and can tailor a package to your specific needs. We also offer additional services like pick and pack fulfillment services, which come with separate charges.

How long can I store goods in a bonded warehouse?

  • In most cases, goods can be stored indefinitely within a bonded warehouse. However, it’s advisable to check with customs regulations for any specific limitations.

Do I need a special license to use a bonded warehouse?

  • No, a special license is not required to use a bonded warehouse. However, you will need to comply with customs regulations regarding the import and storage of your goods.

In today’s competitive import landscape, efficiency and cash flow are paramount. By leveraging a custom bonded warehouse, you can gain a significant advantage. Contact Meteor Space today and unlock the full potential of your import business.


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