White Glove Service Benefits

If you’re dealing with high-value items or regular building furniture, you need a service that adequately handles your products. Transporting such items can often be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. To avoid such issues, you can opt for white glove service. 

White glove delivery is a premium option that keeps your products safe and secures whether it’s a long journey or short. This type of courier also comes with additional benefits that keep customer satisfaction in mind. To learn more about this delivery, here’s a look at white glove service benefits.

What Are White Glove Service Benefits?

If you’re looking for the safest way to transport your goods, white glove service is the way to go. Apart from careful handling, this service has many extra features you won’t get in traditional courier delivery. Here’s a look at 8 excellent white glove service benefits. 

1. Excellent Care and Handling

If there’s one reason to choose white glove delivery service, it’s the excellent care and handling. White glove service prioritises your goods’ safety and gives you a first-rate customer experience.

With this service, your goods will receive special care from start to finish. White glove staff are trained to the highest standard to handle shipments with the utmost care, ensuring they stay safe during their journey to you.

2. On-Time Arrival

One of the biggest frustrations with shipment delivery is delays and lack of information about the arrival time. However, you won’t have to worry about this issue with the white glove delivery service.

Speed and efficiency are at the core of white glove service, allowing every customer to receive their shipment as soon as possible.

If you want to set the delivery time, you can do so through the schedule delivery feature offered by the white glove service. This option allows you much more control over when you get your products.

3. Reliable Updates and Tracking

Accurate tracking information and on-time delivery go hand in hand, so white glove delivery is a great option. White glove service always provides reliable tracking information with an accurate ETA so you know your package’s whereabouts.

Once your shipment is en route, you’ll receive consistent updates so you can the item’s journey. White glove services provide this information to ensure accountability and transparency, which can be hard to find with most courier options.

In case of any delay, a customer service representative will contact you to keep you informed.

4. Reduce the Risk of Damage

As mentioned, you are guaranteed excellent care with white glove service. With the help of special packaging materials and technology, white glove delivery goes beyond the care of traditional courier service. These features reduce the risk of any damage your goods may suffer during transit.

Specialised vehicles are also available to accommodate any item and give you peace of mind. This type of care is not only available for transportation but also for unloading, unpacking and setting up the items.

5. Extra Care for Valuable Items

White glove delivery service is perfect for those looking to transport their high-value items. Your valuable items are meticulously protected and kept safe throughout their journey, ensuring your peace of mind.

This high-quality service offers assurance against damage, mishandling or theft, which is necessary for valuable items. The accurate ETA will also keep you updated on the item’s journey, letting you enjoy a stress-free delivery experience.

6. Safe and Efficient Installation

Apart from delivery, white glove professionals offer installation and setup services, which reduce other hassles for customers. This feature is especially beneficial for items such as electronics and furniture.

White glove staff do all setups according to manufacturers’ instructions, so you can start using the products as soon as you get them.

7. Better Customer Experience

In white glove service, one of the top priorities is customer satisfaction. With scheduled delivery, extra care handling, and minimising product damage, customers can reduce any stress that comes from delivery services.

This top-notch service also eliminates constant shipping delays, providing a stellar experience. With additional features, white glove service offers a complete package full of efficiency, safety and reliability.

8. Increased Revenue

For businesses using white glove service, you can avail extra benefits. If your business sells furniture, electronics and sports equipment, you need a service that can safely transport the items.

White glove delivery ensures your items remain damage-free while also assuring your customers. This will eliminate their purchasing anxieties, making them more likely to purchase your products.

What Is White Glove Service?

Before we take a look at the benefits of this delivery, you might wonder what happens in a white glove service. 

White glove service is a high-level and specialised courier method that caters to individual and business consumers. This type of service is perfect for shipping items that need better attention, care and management. 

As the name suggests, white glove delivery couriers wear white gloves to minimise any damage to your items during transit. This enables the staff to pay close attention to any details that might be missed during a regular delivery. 

Another great aspect of white glove service is that they leave your products right where you want them. Traditional delivery services often leave your items on the doorstep, leaving you to haul them yourself. 

White glove services go one step further and ensure the item is placed exactly where you want it to be. In this way, couriers provide utmost care to your items throughout the delivery process. 

Most consumers can use this service for large, bulky items that can be difficult to transport. These include furniture, electronics, sports equipment and much more. 

White glove services are especially great for high-value items such as artwork, sculptures and other delicate, valuable items. You need a service that can provide extra care for peace of mind for these products. 

Aside from just delivery of the item, white glove services comprise several parts that all add to a quality courier experience. Almost all white glove teams provide easy processing, secure transportation, and complete installation and setup. 

Depending on the client’s specific needs, white glove delivery services offer additional add-ons such as packaging disposal, item assembly and scheduled shipment. 

What Products Can Benefit from White Glove Service?

There is a wide range of products that can benefit from white glove service. The excellent care provided by this delivery makes it an attractive option for large and bulky items. 

Here’s a breakdown of some products that can take advantage of a white glove service. 


Buying new furniture can be exciting, but transporting larger items can cause frustration. White glove delivery can greatly benefit heavy items such as dining tables, sofas, and bedroom sets. Staff members can expertly handle, assemble and set up these items quickly. 


High-end electricals like home theatre systems, large televisions and audio equipment need careful handling and efficient installation. White glove service professionals ensure the optimal performance of these items. 

Home Appliances

As with electronics, appliances like washing machines, refrigerators and overs are not only heavy but need precise set-up to ensure proper function. White glove service provides both safe shipment and professional installation. 


Delicate items such as artworks and sculptures need specialised care during transportation and installation. White glove services are equipped to handle such items and give them the necessary care. With this service, you won’t have to worry about ruining the art. 

Here’s a breakdown of some products that can take advantage of a white glove service. 

Who Can Benefit From White Glove Service?

In general, white glove service is well-suited for individuals and businesses needing more attention, care and professionalism for their product shipments. This service is also ideal for those wanting to transport large and bulky items that require complex assembly. 

Here’s a breakdown of the different types of people that can benefit from white glove service. 

Individual customers

People who purchase high-value items or large products such as furniture, electronics, appliances and artwork can take advantage of the added safety given by white glove couriers. This service ensures that items are delivered safely without any hassle or frustration. 


Companies and commercial spaces often deal with delicate, specialised or value items that can greatly benefit from white glove delivery services. This includes art galleries, furniture stores, appliances retailers and electronics sellers. White glove services ensure all items are placed securely to drive customer satisfaction and reduce the risk of returns due to damage. 

Museums and Art Galleries

These locations handle delicate and valuable goods requiring the utmost care. White glove service is crucial to keep your items’ value and reduce external damage. 

Interior Design Firms

Interior designers work with clients to select and add furniture and decor items. White glove service helps you transport items with expert care and security. The staff will also help to assemble and arrange the items according to the design plan. 

These are just a few groups that can take advantage of white glove service, but there are several other ways to utilise this delivery, depending on your needs.

What Services Are Included in White Glove Delivery?

As we’ve mentioned, white glove delivery offers a wide range of specialised features and services crafted for a premium experience. These features provide your items with heightened care and attention. 

Here’s a look at some essential services that make up white glove delivery. 

Careful Handling

One of the most crucial aspects of white glove delivery is careful handling. White glove couriers are trained to handle your items with the utmost care, regardless of size or shape.

Often, this delivery is handled by two team members to avoid any delivery risk. The white gloves eliminate the chance of your valuables suffering any damage.

Dedicated Packaging

White glove service starts caring for your items before they are even set to deliver. This occurs through specialised packaging designed to fit any product type or a diverse shape or size. Special packaging ensures the care and fragility of the items throughout their transportation.

Inspection and Processing

Before your item begins its journey to you, white glove team members conduct a preliminary inspection. This process checks for any visible before transporting your goods. The inspection is crucial as it ensures your item arrives in the optimal condition.

Secure and Specialised Transportation

Once your items are inspected, they are transported in methods that ensure their protection and safety. This involves dedicated transport offering padding, temperature control, refrigeration and even CCTV surveillance.

Timely Delivery with Care

Traditional delivery services often take too long or give inaccurate arrival times. You won’t have to worry about this problem with white glove services. This premium courier service always delivers your items on time without any delays.

You can schedule the exact time of delivery to avoid excess waiting. If there is an unforeseen delay, white glove services always let customers know beforehand to keep them updated.

Delivery to Any Room

Unlike standard courier services that leave items on your doorstep or hallway, white glove delivery always brings the items into the customer’s home to place them in your desired location. With these features, you can avoid dragging the items through tight spaces and stairways to ensure safe placement.

Installation and Setup

Apart from transporting and placing your item, many white glove services also include assembly and installation. While glove team members will set up furniture, appliances, electronics and other products according to the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure they are ready to use.

Packaging Disposal

Customers are often left with access packaging after unboxing a new item. This material can be difficult to dispose of in the right manner. White glove services go one step further and help you eliminate any packaging material in your delivery.

Not all white glove services offer this feature, but the ones that do dispose of the packaging sustainably. This leaves your area clean and free of debris, adding an extra layer of comfort for the customer.

Optional features

White glove services offer comprehensive features that enhance your delivery experience. Some services go one step further by offering various additional features that tailor the delivery to your needs. With these options, you can get your product delivered exactly the way you want it.

Access to Quality Customer Care

White glove delivery also provides additional customer service to meet every customer’s needs. Service reps are trained to handle questions and concerns easily to create a positive experience.

Recurring Delivery

If you have a business that requires multiple deliveries, you can set up a recurring transportation arrangement with white glove service. With this feature, you won’t have to make a new booking whenever you need something delivered.

How To Find The Best White Glove Delivery Service?

If you’re looking for excellent delivery, look no further than Meteor Space’s 2 man white glove delivery service. Our efficient white glove delivery systems can tackle any large item, such as home furniture, sports equipment, electronics, and other commodities that your company might offer. 

Meteor Space provides dependable service that always keeps customer satisfaction in mind. We also offer regular tracking updates to keep you informed about your products. 

Our expert delivery staff will safely and efficiently handle any product anywhere in Northern Ireland and the Island of Ireland. 

With our 2 man white glove delivery service, you are guaranteed:

A Safe Delivery Experience

At Meteor Space, we prioritise safe handling of all your goods during our delivery service. We transport the items safely and deliver them with careful handling right where you want them placed. 

No matter the distance, you can avail of our effortless white glove delivery in Northern Ireland and the Island of Ireland. Our staff carefully follows all safety guidelines to ensure a quality customer experience.

Risk-Assessed Delivery

Are you worried about your high-value items? With any large or bulky item, careful handling is necessary, and our team is trained to handle all items with the utmost care. 

Our 2 man white glove delivery couriers conduct a risk assessment to ensure all your goods are handled safely and securely. 

Before placing the item, our staff will check your room of choice to eliminate any possible issues with the placement process. Once this assessment is done, the staff will efficiently carry the item to your desired location. 

Regular Updates and Communication

Slow delivery with poor communication can frustrate anyone. Meteor’s white glove 2 man delivery will regularly update you on your item’s whereabouts with our excellent tracking service. 

Your tracking number will display accurate ETA information during the route, so you’re always in the loop. 

You can also contact the delivery staff or our customer service to get more information on the package’s estimated arrival time. We are dedicated to providing a hassle-free service that keeps customer satisfaction in mind. 

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    2 Man Delivery Service Northern Ireland/Ireland FAQs

    A 2 man delivery service in Ireland/Northern Ireland is a service where every driver is paired up with either a driver or a walker to help carry out the delivery. 2 man delivery service is something which is almost essential for businesses such as restaurants, hardware and other stores which deal with high-value and heavy-duty items. A leading 2 man delivery service in Ireland/Northern Ireland, like Meteor Space, is the best way to make sure that your products are getting delivered in a safe and timely manner. If you are looking for a great 2 man delivery service in Ireland and Northern Ireland, you can contact Meteor Space here!

    2 man delivery services in Ireland/Northern Ireland can be useful for bulky and heavy products. This is better than other shipping options because of cheaper rates, faster deliveries, and security and safety of your products. There are many 2 man delivery companies in Ireland and Northern Ireland, like Meteor Space, who offer special  deliveries for bulky, heavy products. This is called 2 man delivery. You can choose the 2 man delivery company in Ireland with the best service and rate for your products. 

    Well, there are many. Any business or person that transports or moves heavy, awkward or valuable items could benefit from the services of a 2 man white glove delivery service in Ireland/Northern Ireland. There are many industries that fit this description. These industries can include; landscapers, construction workers, movers, electricians, plumbers, plasterers, etc. Basically, any time a business or person needs to transport or move something that takes two or more people to move, a 2 man white glove service in Northern Ireland/Ireland can tailor their services to meet those needs.

    Meteor Space is one of the leading providers of secure 2 man delivery services in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our two man delivery services are a safe and efficient alternative to one man or standard delivery services. Our delivery drivers are experts at handling fragile or large parcels. They know how to navigate stairs, balconies and narrow corridors, so you don’t have to worry about a single thing. They are experienced in loading and unloading, and offer a professional 2 man white glove service in Ireland and Northern Ireland that is second to none.

    Meteor Space is a leading provider of 2 man furniture delivery service in Northern Ireland and Ireland. Our 2 man delivery service is ideal for large and heavy items, such as appliances, wardrobes, bookcases, and desks. Our 2 man delivery service in Ireland and Northern Ireland will ensure your furniture is delivered promptly and safely. 


    We use a team of two professional movers to deliver your furniture. The two man team will ensure your furniture is unpacked, placed in its new home, and the packaging material taken away to be recycled. Our 2 man furniture delivery service in Ireland and Northern Ireland is designed to make everything for you as stress-free as possible. We handle all aspects of moving your items, including packing items, loading and unloading, and assembly, and provide you with a vast array of services.

    Over the years, Meteor Space has played a significant role in  revolutionising the 2 man courier service in Ireland and Northern Ireland. It is more than just a simple parcel delivery service. Meteor Space is one of the 2 man delivery companies in Ireland and Northern Ireland that combines cutting-edge technology and exceptional customer service to offer the best 2 man home delivery service in Northern Ireland. 


    Meteor Space promises to deliver your parcel on time whenever you need it, without fail. If you can't be at home when your parcel arrives then you can schedule a delivery slot. If you need to send something urgently then you can choose a guaranteed delivery date. 


    Meteor Space can schedule a delivery date for you and we will deliver your parcel on that date without fail. If you need to you can also schedule a courier to your home to deliver your parcel. Meteor Space is a leading 2 man delivery service in Northern Ireland and Ireland because we offer scheduled and guaranteed delivery.