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Bike shipping now made easy with Meteor Space

Order fulfillment, especially shipping, for bikes can be a tough task. Knowing the right methods, packing materials, and getting the most affordable rates is not as easy as you might think! Meteor Space takes away all the hassle of bike shipping for your business and provides on-time, and cost-effective delivery for you! 

We ship all types of bikes, using the appropriate packaging, and we can also store them on your behalf in our state of the art warehouse. Use our advanced bike shipping services and forget about all your worries!

Bike Shipping Can Be A Challenge 

Shipping one bike is difficult as it is, shipping numerous bikes in one day can be even more of a challenge. As a business, you need to always make sure your bike shipping process is fast and secure, and your customers receive their bikes in the best condition. 

Customer satisfaction is above everything else when it comes to running a business. You have to make sure all your customers are satisfied with the bikes they receive and the return rates are as low as possible. Carrying out bike shipping and storage on your own can be tough and take up all your time and resources. 

When it comes to bike shipping, you have to keep various factors in mind and make sure the bike is packaged properly. E-bikes also require extra effort to store and ship, especially with their batteries. All of this hassle can be avoided by choosing to work with expert third-party logistics companies like Meteor Space! 

Through years of experience of bike shipping, we have learnt the best practices. We use our expertise to provide you with a stress-free experience, taking care of all your bike shipping needs!

Bike Shipping Made Easy With Meteor Space

If you have to fulfill multiple orders every day, using an experienced 3PL, like Meteor Space, is the best option for you. Once you start working with us, you can leave all your order fulfillment and bike shipping worries behind as we provide end-to-end solutions for all your needs! 

Meteor Space knows how to store and package bikes adequately, making sure there is no damage during shipping. We provide the best storage facility in our state of the art warehouse, offering complete security and protection for your bikes before they are shipped. From inventory management, picking and packing, to shipping: Meteor Space takes care of it all! 

We offer advanced software solutions to help you keep an eye on all your inventory and manage orders from anywhere in the world. Meteor Space provides the best packaging for bikes, lowering shipping costs and giving you affordable rates. 

Bike shipping across numerous countries has never been this easy! Operating from Northern Ireland, Meteor Space provides you with unfettered access to UK and Europe, making sure your business can grow and reach more people. We help you make the most out of potential opportunities, enabling you to provide only the best to your customers. 

Equipped To Handle Electric Bike Shipping

Electric bikes, more commonly referred to as e-bikes, are even more tricky when it comes to shipping. Not only do you have to use the correct packing material, you also have to take into account the weight of the motor when calculating shipping charges. 

E-bike shipping and storage also requires more care because of the lithium batteries that come with the bike. Lithium batteries are flammable, making it more challenging to ship out to customers. The battery must be stored safely and packed with utmost care and precaution to prevent any accident. 

Here at Meteor Space, we are well-equipped to manage order fulfillment and e-bike shipping. We follow all shipping regulations regarding lithium batteries and still offer affordable shipping rates to you. Our warehouse staff has experience with packing orders in the best way possible, making sure the e-bikes reach your customers in the best condition. 

Find out more about our packaging services here!

Meteor Space: The Best In Bike Shipping

Get safe and fast bike shipping with meteor space!  

Expert Handling 

We use our vast warehouse and fulfillment center to store your bicycle for you and ship it out when it is time. Our warehouse spreads across 200,000 square feet, making sure we have the space for all our clients. We can look after your bikes and manage all your stock on your behalf. Meteor Space has years of experience when it comes to bike storage and bike shipping, making us the number one choice for all our clients! 

Affordable Costs

Meteor Space handles your bike shipping at affordable rates, allowing you to cut down on expenses and invest in other prospects. We work with the leading carriers of the world and have built strong relationships over the years, enabling us to provide our clients with the best prices. We also offer affordable rates for storage and inventory management for you, making sure our services are accessible for everyone. 

Fast Delivery 

There is nothing more important than fast delivery. Here at Meteor Space, we believe that every order should be delivered on time and we provide that guarantee for all our clients. Our efficient storage and packing processes enable us to ship out orders in less time, making sure they reach customers faster. Our delivery times not only meet customer expectations, but also exceed them. Meteor Space also takes orders till as late as 8 PM for same-day delivery, making bike shipping more efficient than ever!

Safety Guaranteed

You can take advantage of our bike shipping services without having to worry about the safety of the bikes. Through years of experience, we have learned the best way of packing and handling bikes for shipping. We use appropriate packing material, making sure that no part of the bike is damaged during shipping. If you store your bike in our warehouse, it is always under surveillance, ensuring there are no mishaps or incidents. 

Custom Packaging 

If you are a business trying to build or maintain your brand image, custom packaging is crucial for you. Meteor Space provides customized packing for your bike, making sure your brand’s logo and other elements are front and center. With our help, you can create an exhilarating unboxing experience. Meteor Space uses the best packing material to ensure all your customers are satisfied with the bike shipping service. 

Excellent Customer Support 

Customer service and support is crucial when you team up with any service provider, and Meteor Space understands that. We provide excellent customer support for you, making sure all your queries are addressed as quickly as possible. You can contact us with any question and we provide the relevant details. With Meteor Space, you get the best experience regarding all aspects of bike shipping. We ensure you feel seen and heard,  and are always satisfied with our services. 

Unfettered Access To UK And Europe 

Bike shipping across borders can be the biggest challenge. However, that is not the case when you work with Meteor Space! We are located in Northern Ireland, which enables us to provide all our clients with unfettered access to UK and Europe. Bike shipping across countries has never been easier! We help you reach markets in countless countries and diverse locations, making sure you never miss out on an opportunity to grow and increase your reach. 

Our Bike Shipping Process

Bike shipping is a process that is best-handled by experts who know which packaging material to use and which packing methods can help cut down shipping costs. Meteor Space is the right partner when it comes to bike shipping! Our process makes sure every aspect is well taken care of. 

Step 1: Use A Bike Shipping Box

Here at Meteor Space, we keep the dimensions of every bike in mind and find the perfect bike shipping box for each order. The box should be narrower and shorter than the bike when it is assembled as we take the bike apart before packing it in the box. When choosing the bike shipping box, we check for strength and durability of the box and material. We understand that it is of utmost importance that the bike shipping box is sturdy, making sure the bike is always protected and secure till it reaches the customer.

Step 2: Take The Bike Apart

Meteor Space has staff with years of experience when it comes to packing and shipping bikes, which is why we carry out this step more efficiently. Although it can take a lot of time to take apart the bike, our workers do it fast to get the bike ready for shipping. Once the box is chosen, the dimensions of the box are kept in mind and the bike is taken apart accordingly. We start with taking off the pedals, wheels, and the saddle to make sure the bike fits in the box. The handlebars are either turned sideways or taken apart, depending on their shape. If they are straight, they can be moved sideways. However, if the handlebars are curved, they have to be taken apart to make the bike fit inside the box. Here at Meteor Space, we have the right tools and equipment needed to take the bike apart quickly and without causing any damage to the parts. We make sure that most of the air is taken out of the wheels before they are packed, preventing them from popping due to change in pressure. Leaving some air in the tubes protects the wheel rims during bike shipping. Here at Meteor Space, we have the right tools and equipment needed to take the bike apart quickly and without causing any damage to the parts. We make sure that most of the air is taken out of the wheels before they are packed, preventing them from popping due to change in pressure. Leaving some air in the tubes protects the wheel rims during bike shipping.

Step 3: Pack The Bike With Care

Packing a bike is not an easy task. It consists of a lot more than just using bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Meteor Space ensures that all parts of the bike are protected and wrapped appropriately to avoid any damage during the transit. We take various steps during packing to make sure the bike reaches customers in the best condition. Some of the packing techniques we use include: Placing a spacer in the front and back forks after wheels have been removed to prevent it from bending Covering all tubes to make sure the paint is not scratched or damaged during shipping Protect wheels to make sure the spokes don’t bend Covering the chain to prevent the grease from transferring to any other parts or surfaces Adding the best quality packing material and infill to keep the bike protected

Step 4: Ship The Bike

Once the bike is packed with care, we ship it out immediately. Meteor Space makes sure bike shipping for your business is fast and safe, helping you provide excellent experience for your customers. We work with the best carriers of the world and provide you with affordable shipping rates. Meteor Space is one of UK’s leading order fulfilment centers and we have experience in shipping out heavy and bulky orders. With our help, you can reach your customers on time and guarantee the best bike shipping experience.

Step 5: Manage Any Returns

Meteor Space understands that the fulfillment process does not come to an end with shipping. We also provide excellent after-sales services and manage your returns for you. Returned items can take up a lot of time and money, becoming a revenue drain. However, Meteor Space manages all returned items efficiently, making sure they can help increase your revenue. When a bike is returned for whatever reason, our expert staff inspects it to confirm there is a defect. After the defect is recognized, we repair it for you, making sure you don’t have to worry about anything. Once the bike is repaired and the return has been processed, it is added back to your inventory, ready to be sold again. Meteor Space handles the returns process, helping you save time and effort.

Get A Wide Range Of Services With Meteor Space 

Meteor Space is not just your average bike shipping company. We provide a wide range of other order fulfillment and warehousing services, helping you maintain a lean business structure! 


Meteor Space has modern storage facilities. Covering more than 200,000 square feet, we provide all our clients with ample storage space. We store your inventory in our warehouse and help you reduce your business costs. Our warehouse is well equipped for order fulfillment and ensures that all items are stored in the best way and reach your customers in excellent condition.

Inventory Management 

Meteor Space can help you manage inventory efficiently. We automate all your processes and provide you with a 360-degree overview of all operations. Here at Meteor Space, we make sure we maintain your stock and materials by checking inventory levels, replenishing inventory, making accurate forecasts, and much more. We take away all the hassle of inventory management, enabling you to focus on the growth of your business.

Advanced Technology 

Meteor Space offers clients advanced warehouse management software to help you streamline all your order management and fulfillment processes and manage them in one place. Our WMS is the perfect tool to help you automate your operations and track all orders. We tailor the software according to your business needs, making sure you get all the tools you require.

Ready To Get Started With Meteor Space?

If your answer to any of the following questions is yes, you need to start working with Meteor Space and make life easier for yourself!  

  • Do you feel tired of picking and packing orders all day?
  • Is taking apart bikes and packing them in boxes taking up all your time?
  • Do you not have the time and resources to invest in growing your business and focus on other aspects? 
  • Are you trying to cut down on expenses and find affordable bike shipping services?

Here at Meteor Space, we understand your challenges and provide you with the solutions your business requires. With our help, you can stop spending all your time and energy on order fulfillment and bike shipping, and start focusing on scaling and growing your brand! 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Get started today with Meteor Space!

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    Bike Shipping FAQs

    Bike shipping is the process of shipping a bike to a location that is usually hundreds of miles away from where the bike is currently located. This is usually done because the bike is being bought online, or because the buyer doesn't have time to drive to the bike dealership to pick up the bike. 


    Bike shipping is usually done by a courier service or 3PL like Meteor Space, that is guaranteed to deliver the bike on time, and in the condition that it was sent in. The customer can usually expect to receive the bike within about 5 days of it leaving the original location, and the bike should arrive in the same condition that it left in.

    When you decide to ship bikes, you can work with experienced 3PLs and bike shipping companies and take advantage of their services. The bike shipping company you choose should have the right equipment and knowledge, especially if they have been in business for a while. They should have the experience that enables them to pack the bike appropriately, reducing the risk of damage during transit. 

    There are many 3PL fulfillment centers which offer professional bike shipping services. One of them is Meteor Space. We are professional bike shippers who are known for our high standards of quality and customer service. We also take pride in delivering their customers the best shipping experience possible. 

    Contact us now 

    Yes, you can but you will have to deal with shipping regulations including wattage and some other technical specifications. Most of the shipping services will charge you extra for electric bike shipping, however, that is not the case with Meteor Space. 


    We recommend that you use our bike shipping services to get the most affordable rates. We also follow all shipping regulations, making sure you don’t have to worry about anything. 

    The cost of shipping a bike depends on various factors such as the size, weight, location and carrier you choose. The method of shipping is also a factor because some methods of shipping cost more than others. If you choose to ship your bike through ground service it may cost less. 

    However, if you choose to ship your bike through air service then it could cost you more because of the extra cost involved in transporting a bike by air. 

    Using expert 3PLs, like Meteor Space, can help you get the best bike shipping costs. You can use our services to cut down on shipping and packaging expenses, making sure your bike shipping is affordable. 

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    Many people want to know where they can ship their bikes to. The good news is that you can ship your bike to pretty much anywhere. If you live in the United Kingdom, and you want to know if you can ship bikes to Canada, America, and Europe, the answer is yes. For Australia, America, Europe, and Canada, you will have to do a little bit of research and figure out where you need to go. 


    A good place to start is with expert 3PL providers like Meteor Space. We offer international bike shipping, helping you reach any country you want. We provide affordable shipping and follow all international bike shipping regulations to ensure the order is not stopped and no inconvenience is caused. 

    Shipping a bike can be quite expensive, which is why you want to be sure that the bike can be packaged correctly. The two most important things to look for when packaging a bicycle are the size and weight of the bike. The heavier and larger the bike, the more expensive it will be to ship. 


    It is recommended to have a 3PL, like Meteor Space, that you trust to professionally package and ship the bike for you. In most cases, you have to meet certain bike shipping regulations when it comes to the packaging, which Meteor Space can do for you.