Partnering with Meteor Space has revolutionized our operations at Responsible. With Meteor Space’s impeccable shipping services and expansive warehouse solutions, we’ve efficiently coped with escalating order volumes and storage constraints. Thanks to their solutions, we’ve significantly enhanced customer satisfaction while advancing towards our vision of a sustainable fashion market. Grateful for their support, we look forward to continued success together.

About the Client - Responsible

Responsible is committed to transforming the fashion resale market by reducing the demand for new products and amplifying the availability of desirable second-hand goods. As pioneers in this industry, their vision is to be the global leader in building a sustainable fashion market.

The Challenge and Results

Facing challenges such as managing escalating order volumes while minimizing operational costs, coping with the increasing demand for warehouse space due to expanding inventory, and dealing with unreliable pickups and recurring issues with shipping providers, the company sought effective solutions.

Implementing strategies like utilizing Meteor Space for seamless shipping operations and bi-weekly pickups to streamline stock movement proved instrumental in alleviating operational burdens. Furthermore, leveraging Meteor Space’s expansive warehouse space enabled the company to overcome storage constraints and support business expansion. Precise inventory tracking with Canary7 Warehouse Management System minimized item misplacement and optimized operational efficiency.

Additional manpower provided by Meteor Space during peak seasons resolved issues with delivery partners like Evri and Royal Mail, while daily pickups and deliveries ensured prompt order fulfillment, enhancing customer satisfaction. Canary7’s inventory management reduced labor costs associated with stock sourcing and minimized the risk of returns, while the utilization of Meteor Space’s warehouse freed up resources for allocation to production.

Consistent shipping practices not only enhanced operational efficiency but also reduced customer inquiries about package location, contributing to overall business success.

Learning Space Case Study


Learning SPACE


Cookstown, Northern Ireland


Sensory Equipment & Toys

“Partnering with Meteor Space has transformed our operations at Learning Space. Their exceptional warehousing solutions and streamlined logistics have enabled us to effectively manage increasing product variety and demand fluctuations. As a result, we’ve notably improved our fulfillment efficiency and customer satisfaction, aligning with our commitment to quality and sustainability in the educational toys and sensory equipment industry.

We deeply appreciate Meteor Space’s support and anticipate continued success in our partnership.”

Company Overview and Industry:

Learning Space is a UK-based retailer specialising in educational toys, sensory equipment, and resources for children and adults with additional needs. The company supplies schools, nurseries, and healthcare settings, focusing on enhancing learning and sensory experiences. Their product range includes sensory room equipment, soft play areas, and educational toys, with a strong commitment to quality, sustainability, and supporting neurodiversity.

Industry Overview: Educational Toys and Sensory Equipment

The educational toys and sensory equipment industry in the UK focuses on products that support cognitive, emotional, and physical development. Catering to individual consumers, educational institutions, and healthcare providers, the industry prioritises innovation, safety, and inclusivity. It is integral to early childhood education, special education, and therapeutic practices, with a growing trend towards sustainable materials.

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Challenges and Pain Points:

Before partnering with Meteor Space for 3PL services, Learning Space encountered several key challenges:

1. Logistical Complexity: Managing the distribution and storage of a diverse product range was increasingly complicated.

2. Scalability Issues: Learning SPACE faced difficulties in scaling operations to meet growing customer demand, particularly during peak seasons.

3. Resource Constraints: Limited in-house resources made it challenging to maintain efficient and reliable supply chain processes.

Services and Solutions Provided:

Meteor Space has significantly supported Learning Space’s operations through the following services:

1. Warehousing Solutions: Providing ample storage facilities, ensuring the safe and efficient management of our diverse product inventory.

2. Order Fulfilment: Streamlining the picking, packing, and shipping processes, leading to improved accuracy and speed in order fulfilment.

3. Scalable Logistics: Offering scalable solutions to accommodate fluctuations in demand, particularly during peak periods. Especially Christmas for us as a toy retailer.

4. Inventory Management: Implementing advanced inventory management systems to maintain optimal stock levels and reduce shortages.

5. Customer Service Enhancement: Ensuring timely delivery and reliable customer service, thereby enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Impact on Logistics Operations:

Previously, we struggled to get orders out quickly and efficiently due to our cramped warehouse, which limited our ability to scale up. Meteor Space provided us with spacious warehousing solutions that greatly alleviated this issue. For instance, during peak seasons, their scalable logistics allowed us to handle increased demand seamlessly. Additionally, their order fulfilment services improved our dispatch speed and accuracy. Without Meteor Space, we would not have been able to take on the many suppliers we now have, significantly enhancing our operational capacity.

Supply Chain Efficiency and Effectiveness:

Partnering with Meteor Space has markedly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of our supply chain. Their warehousing solutions have eliminated the constraints of our previously cramped facilities, allowing us to scale up operations. The advanced inventory management systems they provide have optimised stock levels, reducing shortages and overstock situations. Furthermore, their order fulfilment services have significantly improved our dispatch speed and accuracy, ensuring timely deliveries. Overall, Meteor Space has enabled us to expand our supplier base and meet increasing customer demands with greater reliability and efficiency.

Cost Optimization and Savings:

Meteor Space has played a crucial role in helping us optimise costs and achieve significant savings. By consolidating our warehousing needs into their expansive facilities, we have reduced the overhead associated with maintaining our own storage space. Additionally, their advanced inventory management systems have minimised stock discrepancies and waste, further reducing costs. One of the most impactful benefits has been the better postage rates they secured for us, which has significantly lowered our shipping expenses. Overall, their services have streamlined our operations and enhanced our financial efficiency.

Communication and Collaboration:

The overall level of communication and collaboration with the Meteor Space team has been exceptional. Working with Stephen as our account manager has been particularly beneficial. His proactive approach and thorough understanding of our needs have ensured seamless coordination and prompt resolution of any issues. The entire team at Meteor Space has been responsive and supportive, fostering a strong partnership that has significantly contributed to our operational efficiency and success.

Unexpected Benefits and Outcomes:

Partnering with Meteor Space has brought several unexpected benefits. One of the most significant has been the freedom it has afforded us as managers. We no longer have to stress or worry about warehousing logistics or the flow of orders in and out. This has allowed our own staff to focus on other critical aspects of our business rather than managing day-to-day logistics. The peace of mind and operational efficiency gained have exceeded our initial expectations, proving to be invaluable to our overall success.

Additional Comments:

Our experience working with Meteor Space has been overwhelmingly positive. Beyond the operational efficiencies and cost savings, their partnership has significantly alleviated managerial stress. The seamless handling of warehousing and order logistics has allowed us to focus on strategic growth and customer engagement. Stephen’s role as our account manager has been invaluable, providing personalised support and ensuring smooth operations. Overall, Meteor Space has not only met but exceeded our expectations, driving our company towards greater success and stability.

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