Partnering with Meteor Space has revolutionized our operations at Responsible. With Meteor Space’s impeccable shipping services and expansive warehouse solutions, we’ve efficiently coped with escalating order volumes and storage constraints. Thanks to their solutions, we’ve significantly enhanced customer satisfaction while advancing towards our vision of a sustainable fashion market. Grateful for their support, we look forward to continued success together.

About the Client - Responsible

Responsible is committed to transforming the fashion resale market by reducing the demand for new products and amplifying the availability of desirable second-hand goods. As pioneers in this industry, their vision is to be the global leader in building a sustainable fashion market.

The Challenge and Results

Facing challenges such as managing escalating order volumes while minimizing operational costs, coping with the increasing demand for warehouse space due to expanding inventory, and dealing with unreliable pickups and recurring issues with shipping providers, the company sought effective solutions.

Implementing strategies like utilizing Meteor Space for seamless shipping operations and bi-weekly pickups to streamline stock movement proved instrumental in alleviating operational burdens. Furthermore, leveraging Meteor Space’s expansive warehouse space enabled the company to overcome storage constraints and support business expansion. Precise inventory tracking with Canary7 Warehouse Management System minimized item misplacement and optimized operational efficiency.

Additional manpower provided by Meteor Space during peak seasons resolved issues with delivery partners like Evri and Royal Mail, while daily pickups and deliveries ensured prompt order fulfillment, enhancing customer satisfaction. Canary7’s inventory management reduced labor costs associated with stock sourcing and minimized the risk of returns, while the utilization of Meteor Space’s warehouse freed up resources for allocation to production.

Consistent shipping practices not only enhanced operational efficiency but also reduced customer inquiries about package location, contributing to overall business success.

Studio Affect Case Study




Belfast, Northern Ireland


Product Design

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“The fulfillment capabilities of Meteor Space have transformed our operations. We no longer face delays or errors due to incompatible systems. The seamless integration has significantly improved our efficiency and allowed us to focus on growing our business. We are extremely satisfied with the results and the support provided by the Meteor Space team. Special mention to Eddie, who has been instrumental in onboarding us and continuously providing innovative solutions to our challenges over the past three years.”

Company Overview and Industry:

Studio Affect is a design consultancy based in Belfast, supporting businesses, entrepreneurs, and researchers in developing and placing products on the market. With a collective 25 years of expertise in the entire product development process, Studio Affect excels in everything from conceptualizing and ideation, prototyping and testing, to design for manufacture and production implementation. The company has a passion for acquiring a deep understanding of users and their challenges, crafting unique solutions that bring innovative products to market.

In partnership with Meteor Space, Studio Affect works on behalf of two companies: Daytot and Lifting Giants. Daytot is an early intervention brand offering a series of products to support infant development. Lifting Giants is a sports performance brand offering a revolutionary lineout lifting support used by players in top leagues around the world.

Challenges and Pain Points

Before partnering with Meteor Space for 3PL services, Studio Affect faced several key challenges:

• Limited Resources: Both Daytot and Lifting Giants are micro-businesses with only small sales and marketing teams. Beyond their suppliers, they lacked warehousing and logistics resources, creating a bottleneck in their supply chain.

• Complex Fulfillment Needs: Managing fulfillment for diverse products with specific requirements, such as medical devices needing serial number tracking and clean storage, added complexity to their operations.

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Services and Solutions Provided

Meteor Space provided comprehensive fulfillment services to support Studio Affect’s operations:

• Stock Receiving and Storage: Meteor Space receives stock from Studio Affect’s suppliers and stores it in their warehouses, ensuring optimal storage conditions.

• Order Fulfillment: For Daytot products, Meteor Space picks components, kits them into specified packaging, receives customer orders, picks from stock, and ships to customers.

• Batch and Serial Number Tracking: Implemented regulated batch and serial number tracking for Daytot’s class 1 medical devices, ensuring traceability from supplier to customer.

• Clean Storage: Designated a specific area with dust prevention measures to meet the cleanliness requirements for Daytot products.

Impact on Logistics Operations

Meteor Space’s services significantly improved Studio Affect’s logistics operations in several ways:

• Serialisation: By working closely with Studio Affect, Meteor Space implemented a system to maintain regulated batch and serial number tracking throughout the entire fulfillment process, ensuring compliance and traceability for Daytot’s class 1 medical devices.

• Clean Storage: Meteor Space’s team provided a clean storage environment for sensitive products, preventing dust accumulation and ensuring product integrity.

• Streamlined Operations: By taking over the complex fulfillment tasks, Meteor Space enabled Studio Affect to focus on core business activities, improving overall efficiency.

Supply Chain Efficiency and Effectiveness

Partnering with Meteor Space has positively impacted Studio Affect’s supply chain efficiency and effectiveness:

• Access to Canary 7 System: Studio Affect utilized Meteor Space’s Canary 7 system as their sole WMS, enabling them to record deliveries, track stock levels, record batch and serial numbers, and coordinate customer orders and shipping efficiently.

• Improved Accuracy: The system integration ensured accurate real-time data, reducing errors and enhancing inventory management.

Cost Optimization and Savings

Meteor Space helped Studio Affect optimize costs and achieve savings by:

• Reducing Fulfillment Costs: By leveraging Meteor Space’s fulfillment services, Studio Affect avoided the high costs associated with maintaining their own warehousing and logistics operations.

• Enhancing Efficiency: Streamlined processes and efficient management reduced operational expenses, allowing Studio Affect to allocate resources more effectively.

Communication and Collaboration

The overall level of communication and collaboration with the Meteor Space team has been exceptional:

• Weekly Meetings: To ensure smooth operations, Meteor Space set up weekly meetings with Studio Affect, tracking actions and maintaining efficient services.

• Proactive Support: The Meteor Space team consistently provided proactive support, addressing any issues promptly and effectively.

Unexpected Benefits and Outcomes

Partnering with Meteor Space brought unexpected benefits that Studio Affect did not initially anticipate:

• Innovative Solutions: The team at Meteor Space, particularly Eddie, consistently provided innovative solutions to specific challenges, enhancing overall operations.

• Enhanced Flexibility: The ability to adapt quickly to changing needs and requirements provided a significant competitive advantage.

Additional Comments

Studio Affect has greatly benefited from their partnership with Meteor Space. The dedication and expertise of the Meteor Space team, especially Eddie, have been instrumental in overcoming specific challenges and improving logistics operations. Eddie’s involvement from onboarding through ongoing operations over the past three years has ensured that Studio Affect’s unique needs are consistently met with effective solutions.


Meteor Space’s fulfillment services have proven to be the ideal solution for Studio Affect, providing seamless integration with various platforms and meeting all operational requirements. This case study highlights Meteor Space’s commitment to delivering tailored, efficient, and cost-effective solutions that drive operational excellence.

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