Your First Choice BRC Accreditation Warehouse!

BRC Accreditation is a quality certification aimed to provide protection for the end consumer. After achieving our BRC accreditation in 2019, we upheld our reputation of providing the highest quality of services for our customers. Food safety is crucial within the food industry therefore, as our legal obligation as one of the leading warehouse and fulfilment company in Northern Ireland that we ensure the safety, integrality and quality of your products.

The certification is an effective food safety management system designed to reflect best practices to ensure the food products are stored and distributed at the safest standard. The framework was developed to help the food industry comply with the food safety laws to manage the safety and quality of the products. Our objective is to facilitate a process of continuous improvement to ensure that our customer’s product integrity is maintained during the storage and distribution stage.

Benefits of Meteor Space being a BRC Accredited Warehouse:

  • We are able to access parts of the market that are only available to those who are certified.
  • We are able to protect all of your products, brand reputation and customers by achieving and maintaining the certification.
  • We are trusted. We work extremely hard to ensure highest food safety standard to ensure your customer’s products are stored and delivered in great care.
  • We are able to provide proper storage and transport for your food products to prevent damage occurring which reduces complaint.
  • We will help increase customer confidence and open up new opportunities for your business.

At Meteor Space, we operate from a 200,000 sq. ft state of art facility, which offers a HMRC customer bonded facility as well as a BRC accredited storage space. We take pride for providing the best service for our consumers by ensuring food safety and quality is maintained. Our dedicated team have a wealth of experience in fulfilment and highly knowledge in the BRC requirements to ensure customer’s confidence is protected.  

We fulfil our legal obligation to ensure we provide product safety, protection, and our customers confidence. It is important you are with a fulfilment warehouse organisation that you trust. That is why at Meteor Space, we work hard professionally and fast to ensure that the products are delivered to your customers at the highest quality.

We can offer advice on all aspects of logistics and which services will suit your business’s needs. So, call us today for a chat or fill out the contact form and one of our team will be happy to help you as your first choice order fulfilment company in Ireland and Europe.