8 Reasons to outsource your warehousing to Meteor Space

Whether you are seasoned outsourcer, ready to pass on business operations given the right package comes along or you have a preference to keep things in-house, this article should be of use. I have outlined 8 good reasons to outsource your warehouse, going from the very tangible cost and capital advantages to the less obvious service and risk advantages.

1. This is what we do!

Our business is warehousing, we eat, breath, sleep warehousing. By outsourcing, you are partnering with a team that is committed to doing your order fulfillment to a world class standard.

2. Focus on your core business

Let’s you do what you do best.

3. Get more

It is very likely Meteor can offer you an array of services that you currently do not have. Such as fully real-time stock visibility, batch controls, FIFO, cycle counting or an 8 pm order cut off for next day delivery.

4. Scalability

If you are downscaling, don’t worry about wasted capacity, you only pay for what you use. If you are upscaling, don’t worry about available capacity, Meteor facilities boast a vast expansion capacity.

5. Reduce your capital investment

Less investing in machinery, racking and IT.

6. Flexibility

All solutions that Meteor offer its clients are highly tailored. A custom made online portal allows you to interact with your stock.

7. Shared Cost: Sharing resources

An order fulfillment house stores and picks product for several clients- each client gets the benefit of added efficiency as fixed costs are shared out.

8. Warehousing compliance

Health and safety training, risk assessments, manual handling training, insurance audits, signage, accident books, near miss records, maintenance records, safe working practices, visitor books, rack inspections, load testing, – this list goes on, warehousing can be a minefield when it comes to legislation- leave it to someone else to worry about it.

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