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You might have the most in-demand product ready to be shipped to your customers, but your approach to order fulfilment can make or break your business. Ecommerce has become one of the leading ways many consumers get their products. 

Online retail has made it easy for businesses to reach a wider audience, and consumers can now conveniently get any product they want. But with higher eCommerce sales comes a higher demand for omnichannel fulfilment. 

Since brand loyalty often depends on experience and delivery options, businesses must create a solid omnichannel fulfilment strategy. Read on to learn the secrets to creating a successful omnichannel fulfilment strategy. 

What Is Omnichannel Fulfilment?

Omnichannel fulfilment uses a strategy that allows consumers to purchase products from multiple channels. These include online retail websites, mobile apps, specialised marketplaces, social campaigns and more. 

All sales channels are integrated with a single inventory storage system to fulfil and deliver every order efficiently. Businesses can use a wide array of methods to complete omnichannel fulfilment. 

The main purpose behind omnichannel marketing is to create a pleasant shopping experience for customers and provide them with convenient access to your products. 

How Does It Work?

Omnichannel fulfilment is carried out in several steps. Once the customers place their order on the selling channels, the items are flagged in the inventory, and the customers receive a confirmation email. 

Staff at the storage centre pick up the items, package them appropriately and deliver them on time. The great thing about omnichannel fulfilment is that customers can get their items from anywhere. 

One of the best ways to streamline omnichannel fulfilment is by partnering with a dedicated third-party logistics service that specialises in this order fulfilment. 

What Are The Challenges Facing Omnichannel Fulfilment?

Omnichannel fulfilment is an effective way to give your customers a satisfying shopping experience. With this service, your customers get their packages sooner, and you provide them with multichannel selling points so they can easily access the items. 

Omnichannel also makes the returns process easier and less complicated for consumers and businesses. Nonetheless, there are still several challenges facing omnichannel fulfilment. One of the most important ways of creating a great omnichannel fulfilment strategy is by meeting and solving these problems head-on. 

Keep It Adaptable and Transparent

One of the main reasons why omnichannel fulfilment fails is the lack of flexibility and adaptability. Every business has varying logistics, storage and distribution needs, so your omnichannel fulfilment strategy must consider these factors. 

You must integrate logistics, inventory and distribution with real-time visibility to make the supply chain more efficient. Without this system, you will get inaccurate data, lack visibility, and conflicts with channels. 

These challenges will reduce the optimisation of your operation and ultimately dissatisfy customers. It’s necessary to create effective strategies that promote omnichannel services and use the right technology to eliminate challenges. 

6 Secrets To A Successful Omnichannel Fulfilment

Omnichannel fulfilment is excellent for any eCommerce store, but a strategy will help you meet your goals and eliminate any challenges as soon as they arise. Here are the secrets to creating a successful omnichannel fulfilment strategy. 

1. Optimise Delivery Routes

One of the significant challenges affecting package delivery is last-mile delivery. This is when your item leaves the storage warehouse and is en route to the consumer’s location. Last-mile delivery accounts for a large amount of shipping costs, so you must optimise delivery routes. 

Businesses should aim to match shipments with the correct vehicle mode and service level to conduct on-time delivery. Work with trusted and vetted carriers to ensure items reach customers quickly and in good condition. 

2. Use Innovative Software

Nowadays, everything is digital. Like your eCommerce, your distribution, inventory and other logistics should be handled digitally. You must use robust and innovative software for omnichannel fulfilment. This software should connect all existing channels and improve network visibility. 

Use API software that connects multiple channels to the inventory and delivery system. A cloud-based software will connect incoming orders with the suitable carrier and service level based on several factors, including customer preferences. With this connection, you can ensure an optimised supply chain. 

3. Merge Inventory Management

Once you’ve got the right software, you must unify your inventory management to a single storage system. Having multiple inventory spaces can cause delays and disruptions in order fulfilment, leading to loss of customers. 

All sales channels should connect to one inventory space, whether it’s your retail store, online store, warehouse or transit. This space should also be updated in real-time to stay responsive to any changes. 

Additionally, all staff should have access to the inventory to monitor and respond to any queries in good time. 

4. Improve Customer Communication

Efficient order fulfilment encourages brand loyalty and returning customers. Good communication is an essential part of fulfilment, significantly impacting shoppers’ behaviours and their need to purchase. 

In your omnichannel fulfilment strategy, always aim to send shoppers post-purchase emails or texts to maintain a direct line of communication. This correspondence will also assure customers that their orders are confirmed and will be dispatched soon. 

With omnichannel fulfilment, you must ensure that communication is possible from all sales routes and that the messaging is clear. Additionally, offer consistent updates to keep in the loop. You can also allow customers to contact couriers or dedicated shipping staff directly for more information. 

5. Maintain An Efficient Picking Operation

The rate of picking and packing affects how quickly orders get shipped out, so it’s crucial to maintain efficiency in this phase.  

Labour-intensive businesses often have high costs; therefore, an optimised operation can be a major financial help. If you use an innovative warehouse management system, your staff can monitor the movement of all items as they get picked, packed and shipped. 

The WMS will also accurately catalogue and organise every good so that pickers know exactly where to find them in the warehouse. Additional benefits of a WMS include scanners for picking accuracy and weight-based packaging options. 

6. Use Third-Party Logistics Service For Omnichannel Fulfilment

While many companies can undertake omnichannel fulfilment on their own, there are several eCommerce without the resources and means to carry out this process. A single 3PL can handle all your fulfilment needs in one place, so you won’t have to worry about extra costs or labour. 

Even established companies can benefit from outsourcing to a dedicated omnichannel fulfilment service that provides inventory management, packaging and shipping of goods. 3PLs, like Meteor Space, offer direct integration with online retail stores so you can easily merge your inventory and start the order fulfilment process. 

What Is A 3PL?

Partnering with a third-party logistics (3PL) company allows online business owners to focus on other aspects of their store. With this integration, you can scale your business without worrying about growing pains. 

A 3PL is excellent for businesses that require a dedicated packaging service to handle order fulfilment. Fulfilment services also hold all your inventory in one place through a tech-based system, so you’re always aware of what’s coming and going. 

3PL companies offer everything from tracking inventory to handling returns and shipping logistics. This complete package of services ensures your business keeps running smoothly.

What Are The Benefits of Outsourcing to A 3PL?

The best way to guarantee customer satisfaction is by offering quick and reliable delivery. Omnichannel stores can significantly benefit by partnering with an experienced 3PL company. Such services provide multiple features to optimise the shipping process. 

Here are a few crucial benefits of choosing an omnichannel fulfilment service. 

Speed of Delivery

Nowadays, order fulfilment and shipment speed matters more than ever. Choosing the right 3PL can help deliver your order to customers on time with no delays. 

A dedicated staff will expertly pick and pack items so there are no delays due to wrong item delivery. 3PLs are also committed to efficiency in their delivery system, keeping customers happy. 

Work With Experts

When you outsource your business to a company specialising in omnichannel fulfilment, you get access to experts with the right skills and knowledge to grow your business. These experts will ensure that your order fulfilment stays efficient without delays or disruptions. 

Partnering with an omnichannel-based fulfilment centre reduces human errors and ensures orders arrive on time. 

Meeting Efficiency Requirements

Efficiency is crucial for customers to have a positive online shopping experience. Often, with a high volume of orders, there’s a risk of the efficiency dropping. Companies will have to spend additional money to hire more labour to maintain a high-efficiency rate. 

A good 3PL will provide technological features to grow your business without additional costs. These features will also maintain high efficiency throughout packing to reduce returns and complaints. 

Benefits of Using Meteor Space For Omnichannel Fulfilment

No matter the size of your eCommerce stores, Meteor 3PL can provide enough space for any client. We can adjust and adapt to your specific requirements, help you grow overall sales, and provide your customers with a great shopping experience. 


Higher Growth For Your eCommerce

New online businesses are showing up every day, so you need something that will help your eCommerce stand out. A streamlined supply chain will efficiently package your items and ensure they reach your customers on time.  

We at Meteor Space employ a customer-based approach, meaning that our fulfilment process is designed to create a satisfying customer experience. We provide shipping all over the Island of Ireland, the UK and Europe so your business can expand its reach and find a wider audience. 


Better Inventory Logistics 

Successful order fulfilment relies heavily on inventory management and logistics. With a technology-based 3PL like Meteor Space, we provide accurate data and management software that helps you stay organised. 

With our state-of-the-art warehouse management system, you can keep track of all your inventory and make sure it goes out on time. You can access precise inventory projections based on the type of order you’re sending out. 

We also handle all deliveries and shipments, refilling your inventory and more. With Meteor Space as your 3PL partner, you never have to worry about delays in fulfilment services.  


Reduced Costs

Omnichannel fulfilment often comes with a lot of extra costs. Whether it’s last-mile delivery expenses or labour-intensive costs, all these can add up to a significant amount in the long run. You greatly reduce these expenses when you partner with an omnichannel fulfilment service like Meteor Space. 

Meteor Space merges all your order fulfilment needs into a single 3PL service. This way, you can save money on extra services without sacrificing the quality of your order fulfilment. 

Choosing a dedicated 3PL partner like Meteor Space can take omnichannel fulfilment out of your hands. With fulfilment handled, you can focus on growing your business and keeping customers happy.  

Here’s a look at some benefits of choosing Meteor Space as your omnichannel fulfilment partner.


Flexible Storage Space Options

Flexibility is key during peak sales seasons. Depending on your order volume, Meteor’s storage space offering can be scaled down or up. Our warehouse boasts over 200,000 square feet of storage space to ensure ample room for any inventory. 

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