These days product packaging is far more than simply putting your item neatly into a box.

Choosing the right packaging reflects on your business brand and directly impacts the impression that customers get when your product arrives. This requires skill and attention to detail to get right – big brands invest huge resources into package branding.

Despite this, some businesses still pay little attention to their packaging, or believe it doesn’t matter as long as the product arrives undamaged. This utilitarian approach runs the risk of discounting what an impact great packaging can make.

The truth is customers are becoming more savvy and an item that arrives in pristine condition inside attractive packaging, generates much more positive feelings towards your brand than one that doesn’t.

So What Makes for Great Packaging?

Simply put, the goal of great packaging is something that keeps your product safe but also looks good.

For example, if an online retailer is selling a ceramic mug and they use a plastic bag for packaging, the mug is likely to break and the use of the plastic bag gives the impression of a business that doesn’t care about the product or the customer.

A mug that arrives in a recyclable cardboard box with branding and protective wrap inside is much more likely to create a pleasant first impression about your business.

In the short-term it might seem like this kind of packaging isn’t as cost-effective as the cheapest possible packaging, but this attitude is extremely short sighted. Building a positive brand and creating great impressions for your customers significantly increases your currency as a business and the likelihood of retaining your customers.

So, if improving your customer’s experiences with your brand is something you’d like to achieve then we highly recommend looking into your packaging.

Here at Meteor Space we pride ourselves in our ability to help our clients pick packaging for their product which supports their brand and not only keeps the product in pristine condition, but looks great and builds positively on your brand.

We can personalise your products with branding on boxes as well as on packing tape and using your unique business labelling.

We have an array of packaging products:

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Cardboard Boxes (Small, Medium and Large)
  • Plastic Wrap

As well as a strapping machine that allows us to send your products out to your customers well packaged and secure.

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