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Selling your products on popular ecommerce platforms can be indeed exciting and rewarding. However, you need to stay one step ahead of rival brands that sell similar products to yours. You might be selling the same product on the Shopify platform, but one thing that sets you apart is the timely delivery of orders and happier customers. You might not want to lose your customers due to a slight delay in the delivery of orders. In this blog, you can learn what is Shopify order fulfillment, its stages, and some useful tips and best practices that you must try for the fulfillment of your orders on Shopify. Let’s end the wait and kickstart the adventure of fulfilling your orders!

What is Shopify Order Fulfillment and Its Stages?


Order fulfillment refers to the process of shipping a product to a customer after they make an online purchase. It includes the process of receiving an order and order processing and fulfillment. Improving customer satisfaction and retention requires effective order fulfillment. From placing an order by the customer to its success, various steps are involved. Here are some stages in the order fulfillment on Shopify:

1. Processing of Orders

The process of Shopify order fulfillment begins with the processing of orders. Ordering from customers, confirming product availability, and gathering required order information are all part of it. It’s important to pay attention to details like product type, quantity payment information and payment information when processing orders.

2. Managing Inventory

Assuring that the products are stocked and ready for fulfillment entails monitoring inventory levels.

3. Picking and packaging

After verifying the product orders, the fulfillment team goes to the warehouse to pick up the goods with labels. The group prepares the goods for shipping and prepares an invoice.

4. Shipping and Delivery

For delivery, orders are forwarded to the logistics or shipping company. This phase entails creating shipping labels, distributing orders, and following the package until it reaches the customer’s place.

5. Tracking of Orders

Consumers anticipate receiving status updates regarding their orders. Customers can track the status of their shipments and take care of any issues that may come up while the package is still in transit by using an order tracking system.

6. Exchanges and Returns

This last stage in Shopify order fulfillment includes managing returned goods, completing exchanges or refunds, and making the appropriate inventory adjustments. Customers may occasionally wish to exchange or return merchandise, which makes an efficient order fulfillment procedure helpful.

Top 5 Order Fulfillment Tips for the Shopify Platform

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1. Pick the Appropriate Fulfillment Method

As a seller on Shopify, the first step in streamlining your order fulfillment strategy is determining how you will handle orders. The most typical choice for smaller companies is known as merchant fulfillment. This essentially means that you pick up the products from a warehouse, package them, and send them to customers to finish the order fulfillment process yourself. The dropshipping model is another option to look into. In this model, order development and fulfillment are handled by a third party, and you never engage with inventory.

2. Use a Warehouse Management Software

If you want to reduce costs and save time in your business, you can’t afford to overlook the use of software in order processing and fulfillment. In the end, having the correct fulfillment strategy is essential to the success of your business, but it’s a labor- and time-intensive process. A state-of-the-art warehouse management software is available to our clients through Meteor Space. With the help of our Warehouse Management System, you can keep track of your inventory and make precise stock predictions. It allows you to keep an eye on the progress of orders and track their fulfillment on Shopify. Meteor Space provides total transparency into the order fulfillment process for the Shopify platform through our warehouse management technology.

3. Try Zone Skipping

Zone skipping is an effective technique to improve your Shopify order fulfillment as it lowers your costs and helps in faster shipping. It’s a tactic that lets you allocate your stock across several warehouse sites. You might as well devote your time and energy to zone-skipping if you intend to service multiple locations. By doing this, the number of steps in the international shipping process can be reduced. Because you won’t have to pay as much for shipping to far-off places, the price will also be lower.

4. Account for Delays in Processing of Orders

It is now sometimes unavoidable for fraudulent orders to occur. We need to plan for the worst even though we still hope that orders will come from dependable clients. Establishing a delay period in eCommerce is crucial for guaranteeing the legitimacy of the order. It may occur to you that it would be best to ship the orders straight away. However, you can verify a customer’s credibility by waiting an hour or two before proceeding. It spares you from unneeded expenses.

5. Give Self-Service Options to Customers

You may be faced with a plethora of duties in order to maintain the company’s success. It does not, however, include logging orders for your clients for the majority of the day. A sizable portion of your customers will probably ask you for an update on the location of their package. This implies that you will need to regularly inquire about the status of your courier. It takes a significant amount of time to complete. Notwithstanding, you can offer them self-service choices so they can follow the package independently.

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Gaining insight into the Shopify order fulfillment process is a great way to boost business productivity. In order to sustain growth, it can aid in boosting customer retention. For Shopify platform sellers, Meteor Space provides a complete order fulfillment solution. To meet your unique requirements, our retail fulfillment delivery solutions assist you in managing your inventory, fulfilling orders, and giving your clients the best possible service. We offer warehousing and inventory management, order shipping, order tracking, and picking and packing services for the Shopify platform. Check out our order fulfillment solutions at Meteor Space today!


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UPDATED ON: 07th June 2024

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