Two Man Delivery Market Statistics: Everything You Need To Know

Go through our extensive list of two man and white glove delivery statistics to understand what your customers want from your business

Two-man delivery has become significantly popular in recent times. When you are dealing with heavy or luxurious items, you want to make sure they are delivered as safely as possible, and that is where two-man delivery comes in. This service enables you to keep all items safe and secure during shipping and all your items reach their destination in the best possible condition. 

As a business, you have to understand the importance of offering various delivery options, including two-man delivery service. Customers in today’s day and age want to be able to have an excellent shopping experience with every business, and they want numerous delivery options to be available for them. If you cannot offer different delivery options, you can miss out on countless opportunities. 

This is why we have compiled all the statistics that show what your customers are expecting from your business when it comes to delivery, how the two-man delivery market is developing over the years, and which industries can benefit from two-man delivery services. Going through these statistics and keeping up with the latest developments and trends can help you make well-informed decisions for your business. 

Before we dive into these statistics, let’s find out a little more about what exactly two-man delivery is and why it has become such an essential part of the courier sector.

What Is Two Man Delivery?

A two-man delivery service is one in which each delivery person is coupled with a second delivery person or driver to help move products from one location to the next. For enterprises like restaurants, hardware stores, and other industries and businesses that deal with expensive, heavy-duty things, 2 man delivery service is something that is almost necessary. The best method to guarantee that your things are delivered in a safe manner and always on time is to use one of the best 2-man delivery services the UK has to offer, such as Meteor Space. You may get in touch with Meteor Space if you’re searching for an expert and affordable two-man delivery service in the UK! 

Now that we have a better understanding of what two-man delivery is and why it is used by people so frequently, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting and important statistics and trends of the two-man delivery and courier industry and market.

General Delivery And Courier Market Statistics And Trends

The global courier and delivery sector is one of the biggest sectors and markets in the world. These statistics show how important courier and delivery services are and the impact this sector has on the global market. The big names in this market, like DHL, FedEx Corporation, United Parcel Service Inc, and many more have established themselves as industry leaders with the exceptional services they provide. 

It is crucial to note that all the top names in the global courier and delivery market are also providing two-man delivery services for their customers. They also understand how important these services are, especially with the furniture, homeware, electronics, and sports equipment industries growing and expanding with each passing day. 

The global courier and delivery market has grown a tremendous amount in recent times, and will not be slowing down any time soon. It was the one sector that grew and brought in even more revenue during the Covid-19 pandemic. The growth of the global courier and delivery market can also be credited to the rise of ecommerce all across the world and how people now want everything delivered to their doorstep. 

These statistics show how much the market has grown over the years and what the future holds for the global courier and delivery sector. 

  • By market size, the Global Courier & Delivery Services industry is the fourth biggest in the Global Transport, Post, and Storage business
  • In 2022, the Global Courier & Delivery Services sector will generate $363.8 billion in sales
  • The market for global courier and delivery services is predicted to grow by 4.9 percent in 2022
  • Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, revenue in the global courier and delivery services business is predicted to expand
  • Global operators see greater average daily union hours, lower delivery density, higher average daily mileage, and more average daily delivery stop, all of which are reducing total operating profit
  • United Parcel Service Inc, FedEx Corporation, and Deutsche Post DHL Express are the key players with the biggest market share in the Global Courier & Delivery Services industry
  • Shipping prices are expected to rise in 2022, according to research and forecast and the tougher Covid-19 limitations in Hong Kong and China are causing this development
  • According to some trucking companies, contract rates are likely to grow by double digits in 2022 Data shows that merchants shipped to over 230 countries, allowing them to conduct real borderless business while enhancing the firm’s ability

Source: (upperinc, 2022)

Consumer Delivery Expectations Statistics And Trends

As we find out how the global delivery and courier sector has grown, it is also important to understand what the consumers want from the delivery companies and what their expectations are. These statistics show how the consumers are now focusing on the experience and convenience your business has to offer when it comes to shipping and delivery. 

Having multiple shipping and delivery options has become crucial for every business. If you are running a furniture business or any other business that requires the movement of heavy objects, it is essential that you can provide two-man delivery options for your customers. Consumer expectations are increasing significantly with each passing day, and it is more important than ever to keep these expectations in mind for any business. 

People want fast, efficient, convenient, and numerous delivery options. If you provide two man delivery service, you also have to make sure that your service is reliable and convenient for your customers. It is also important that you can provide fast two man delivery with multiple options, such as packaging removal and room delivery and placement.

These statistics show that the consumer expectations have grown as their access to ecommerce has increased over the years. 


  • Customers anticipate a better post-purchase experience in 2022 (upperinc, 2022)
  • Because of a bad post-purchase experience, 58% of customers will not make another buy (upperinc, 2022)
  • 73% of buyers have abandoned a cart because they had to pay a delivery charge (easyship, 2022)
  • 61.8% of buyers consider shipping cost above all other factors, while 73% of customers have decided not to make a purchase due to delivery cost (easyship, 2022)
  • 53.2% of buyers want the ability to reroute a package in transit, either to be picked up in-store or to a different address (easyship, 2022)
  • After a negative delivery experience, 83.5% of customers say they won’t shop with a retailer again (easyship, 2022)
  • 95% of consumers go elsewhere if an online store doesn’t offer the desired delivery option (ingrid, 2022)
  • 60% of global consumers expect same-, next-, or two-day delivery, which equally factors into the purchase decision (ingrid, 2022)
  • According to the National Retail Federation, convenient delivery is vital to consumers (blogeniture, 2022)
  • 97% of consumers have abandoned purchases due to inconvenient delivery options (blogeniture, 2022)
  • Around 20% of consumers don’t believe they can trust the estimated delivery date (blogeniture, 2022)

Two Man Delivery Market Statistics And Trends

With the increase in online shopping in industries like furniture, electronics, homeware goods, sports equipment, and more, there has also been an increase in the need for two man delivery services. It is important that you can offer these services for your customers because customers are always looking for the most convenient delivery option. 

There is no doubt that two man delivery services have made it easier for people to trust the courier companies and they know that they will get their package in the best possible condition. Offering two man delivery for customers also makes your business more reliable and offers a more convenient shopping experience for your customers, making sure they come back to shop from you again and avail your services. 

The increasing delivery frequency in the UK also means that the frequency of two man delivery has also increased. The two man delivery market has grown rapidly over the years, and as the statistics show, it will continue to do so. In the future, it is predicted that the two man delivery service will become even more common as the industries such as furniture continue to grow. 


  • Furniture and homewares account for 28% of the most popular items, followed by white goods and consumer electronics at 18%, and sports equipment at 17%. This has seen a steep rise in the number of specialist two-man delivery services across the UK (panthergroup, 2022)
  • The two-man delivery sector alone experiencing 6.5% growth annually in comparison with an average 2% growth across the wider retail sector (retailweek, 2017)
  • In response to the demands of its growing multichannel services, DHL supported the retailer to shift the balance from being very efficiency focused to more of a customer-centric organisation (retailweek, 2017)
  • Delivery frequency has doubled and now 95% of the UK can be offered a next-day delivery service with an 8pm cut-off time (retailweek, 2017)
  • Unlike conventional parcel shipping, two-man handling is based on a fixed delivery promise (metrologistics, 2020)
  • For the future, it is expected that not only that 2-man handling will become even more important with the online retailing of large and bulky goods, but also that it will adapt even more to customer demands and that the process will be further accelerated (metrologistics, 2020)


Industries That Use Two Man Delivery Statistics


The furniture industry uses two man delivery services. In fact, it might be one of the industries making use of the two man delivery service the most. All leading two man delivery providers know how to handle furniture delivery in the best possible way and get the items delivered without any hassle. The growth of the furniture retail sector also means that the two man delivery sector will keep growing as well. 


  • The revenue in the furniture market stands at US$715,609 in 2022 and the market will grow annually by 4.79% (CAGR 2022-2026) (upperrinc, 2022)
  • The market’s largest segment is living room furniture with a market volume of US$248,368  in 2022 (upperrinc, 2022)
  • Online shopping and ecommerce are changing the furniture purchase landscape and promoting sales (upperrinc, 2022)
  • Approximately two-thirds (62.3%) of overall searches for the furniture industry are transactional searches (upperrincs, 2022)
  • Retail ecommerce income from furniture and homeware sales was estimated to be 132.7 billion dollars in 2021, rising to approximately 208.2 billion dollars in 2025 (upperrinc, 2022)



Electronic appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, washing machines, and much more require two man delivery services. Two man delivery makes sure that all the bulky electronics can be transported and placed at the customer’s desired location without any issues. The electronics industry has grown rapidly over the years, and as it expands, more and more people are using two man delivery services for their orders and shipments. 


  • Revenue in the Consumer Electronics segment is projected to reach US$719.10 billion in 2023 (statista, 2023)
  • Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 5.91%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$904.60 billion by 2027 (statista, 2023)
  • With a projected market volume of US$285.90 billion in 2023, most revenue is generated in China (statista, 2023)
  • In the Consumer Electronics segment, the number of users is expected to amount to 3,283.6 million users by 2027 (statista, 2023)
  • The average revenue per user (ARPU) is expected to amount to US$292.10 (statista, 2023)
  • User penetration will be 32.0% in 2023 and is expected to hit 41.3% by 2027 (statista, 2023)


Sports Equipment

Sports equipment and goods are heavy and bulky at times, and they are difficult to transport and move from one place or another. This is why the use of two man delivery for sports equipment is very common. The sports equipment sector brings in a lot of revenue every year, which means the use of two man delivery services is not going to slow down any time soon. 


  • Revenue in the Sports Equipment segment will amount to US$160.90 billion in 2023 (statista, 2023)
  • The market is expected to grow annually by 6.18% (CAGR 2023-2027) (statista, 2023)
  • In global comparison, most revenue is generated in China (expected to be US$37,320.00 million in 2023) (statista, 2023)
  • In relation to total population figures, per person revenues of US$20.94 will be generated in 2023 (statista, 2023)

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