Postal or Parcel What Should You Offer Your Online International Customers?

There isn’t really just one answer to this question. There is however a simple solution to deciding if you should ether offer postal or parcel services to your international customers. If you are sending a product that is ether priced low or the market you are selling into is cost conscious and it isn’t too fussed on fast delivery then a reliable postal services could fit your needs. However if you are selling a higher priced product then having a tracked parcel services can help keep you and your customers in the loop of where the product is from the point of courier collecting to courier delivering.

But unfortunately the day retailers they are not selling to just the market but are selling to individual customers with individual buying habits. For one customers there high valued purchase could be a low valued purchased to another customer. Then there are customers are dead set on having there order delivered next day and then some customers wouldn’t mind waiting a week for delivery. None of this information so far has answered the question, so what services do you offer?

Well the answer is really both of them; you need to offer your customer the choice so they can decide for themselves what services suits their needs. It did use to be the case where it was a struggle to have to deal with an overseas postal operator and then to also have to deal with a parcel company. But today things are different as many postal companies have their own parcel divisions alongside their normal UN-Tracked mailing services.

For customers however want to have a tracked services this is where parcel services come into play. So what are the benefits of using a fully tracked service for yourself and your customers? Using a fully tracked service can help build trust between you and your customers, it can also allow your business build a reputation of provide a quality service. There are also a number of other reasons to use a fully tracked service:

  1. You will be able to track throughout the delivery process.
  2. A choice of delivery options to suit your customer’s individual needs (E.G. mailbox deliveries and personal deliveries.)
  3. Customs can be simplified- Parcels up to 2Kg can get though customers faster and easier.
  4. Peace of mind- you and your customers can have peace of mind that the parcel is on its way and it will be delivered.

In conclusion giving your customers the option on how they want their orders to be delivered leaves life easier for yourself as the customers is in charge on the decision.

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