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First Choice Food Warehousing and Distributer

At Meteor Space, we offer long-term and short-term solutions to B2B and B2C consumers who acquire food storage facilities. As a food warehousing and distributer, we have a 200,000 sq. ft state of art facility BRC accredited storage space. Our food storage warehouse is certified with BRC accreditation which enhances best practice to ensure your food products are stored and distributed at the safest standard possible. Our job as the distributer is to ensure products receive the end customer time-efficiently, which is a guarantee of ours.



Meteor Space store a wide variety of food supplies such as, baking ingredients/decorations, beverages, snacks, confectioneries, baby food, pet food and many more supplies. As a distributer, we facilitate a process of continuous improvement to ensure that our customer’s product integrity is maintained during the storage and distribution stage. Our dedicated distributers adhere to all safety and compliance requirements and work extremely hard to take preventative measures to ensure food safety and quality.

Pick and Pack Services

Our packing services are tailored to suit your business and your customer’s requirements. As a top distributer, Meteor Space work hard to make sure that all food products are accurately and securely packaged to ensure your product is secure to provide the best quality service. Our warehousing and distributer main objective is to provide a smooth but fast experience for your customers.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

Our distributers at Meteor Space understands the importance of fast and reliable delivery services for your customers. We work with major players for next day, same day and express despatches to ensure your item gets to its destination as quickly as possible, as we know this is our priority as a distributer. Our comprehensive distribution services means that we can find your business the perfect carrier match to guarantee satisfied customers for your business. We, as distributers, want to ensure the best delivery service possible.



Choose Meteor Space

Choose Meteor Space as your reliable and cost-effective food distributer. Our committed team are happy to offer advice as your first-choice order fulfilment company in Ireland and Europe on which services will suit your business needs!

Contact us today for more information how we can help you with your food warehousing and distribution needs:

  • From UK: 028 867 52108
  • From ROI: 048 867 52108

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